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Touring Cars’ rental caravans represent the finest rental caravans available. New and premium quality caravans are suitable for every demand.  

New fleet

Just like all or our motorhomes, all or our rental caravans represent the finest modern caravan models you can find. Same independent check processes between every rental ensures that all of our clients can experience the feeling of high quality caravanning. Our quality assurance process takes at least three hours and includes a thorough cleaning, a full technical check-up and a personalised preparation of the caravan for its next guest.



Our high-quality rental rental caravans include state-of-the-art bathroom and cooking facilities, as well as full kitchen and dining ware. All of our caravans are super well-equipped, including vehicle levellers, electricity cables, water hoses etc. In addition, this category offers the biggest storage space available for all of your belongings. 

caravan large beds


Five-star service

For an exclusive service experience, all of our caravan rental prices include a complete personal orientation on the use of all the equipment onboard your rental caravan. High service experience will be provided also during the entire holiday. You will be provided with a 24/7 emergency phone number for any roadside support and even a caravan replacement service in case of any severe malfunctions.



Rental Caravan in Large category is perfect for families up to 6 persons. This large sized model is perfect for a small family.  This spacious well designed caravan model features kitchen, shower, heating toilet and comfortable beds for up to 4 adults and 2 children. There is a fixed bunk beds in the front area of this caravan, the seating area at the back can be easily converted to a full size double bed and even the seating area in the front can be converted to a small bed. There is plenty of space to eat together or play around the seating areas. 


Technical data

Length up to 7.530 metres
Width up to 2.30 metres
Individual mass 1419kg
Gross weight 1750kg or more


caravan large interior



Individual mass
Vehicle individual mass means the weight of the caravan without any extra load such as  gas bottles, luggages, water etc.

Gross weight
This is the maximum weight allowed that includes individual mass AND extra load such as gas bottles, luggages, water etc. This is basically the maximum weight that the caravan is designed to carry.

How heavy caravan trailer can I pull?
This information can be found from your cars registration documentation. It is stated there how heavy trailer you are allowed to pull with your vehicle. Our rental category information included with the individual mass and gross weight information. Gross weight load of your caravan you can adjust yourself by placing part of your luggage to your passenger car instead of the rental caravan. Please note that any axel should not be overloaded. 

Drivers licence requirements

In most countries you can pull rental caravan with B drivers licence if the gross weight does not exceed 3500kg. This means that your car and the weight of the rental caravan added together cannot exceed 3500kg. Weight of your own car is informed in the registration documentation. 

If the total weight of your car and trailer exceeds 3500kg (up to 7000kg)  you need to have BE drivers licence.
Please also note that this applies only if your vehicle is registrated as a passenger car, not as a truck. 

For more information and to ensure any possible local special condition, please consult the local authorities.