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Enjoy the many that Croatia offers for you in a country full of wellness and relax treatments. Thermal water pools and spas - a place where the sounds of music mix with cheering laughters round tables.

Here is our luxury selection for small ones to elderly ones with hot spring baths and treatments to take advantage of Croatia´s hidden gems and sparkle with the surroundings. 

These attractions includes wellness programs, health programs, retirees’ holidays, golf parks, weekend programs for families with small children to millennials.


The resort settled in the green scenery of Međimurje since 1911 is a great spot to relax or enjoy the many activities it offers. Thermal water pools and water, said to be one of the most healing in Europe, span over 2600 m2 of water surface, with more than 20 different massage and sauna treatments ( such as Finnish and Roman). In the modern Wellness oasis, there are 5 types of saunas and and an ice cave, salt therapy and Lumbalis centre which is perfect for balancing the mind, body and spirit.

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Is the oldest thermal spa in Croatia. The thousand-year tradition of using thermal sulfuric water and healing peloids from a natural source is the basis for the operation of the Special Medical Rehabilitation Hospital Varaždinske Toplice. The offer includes wellness programs, health programs, retirees’ holidays, weekend programs for women and weekend programs for men. The customers of Varaždinske Toplice can also practice Nordic walking and Pilates, as well as isokinetic diagnostics and exercises on special Cybex devices used in the most renowned rehabilitation and sport centers in the world.

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Daruvarske toplice – Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation

Daruvar has developed special type of health tourism just because of these natural benefits. Wellness spa oasis Daruvar spa additional content preservation of health through the application of natural healing factors. Wellness spa oasis includes: Two outdoor and one indoor pool with thermal water, Spa area: water facilities - jacuzzi with thermal water, Finnish sauna, steam bath, relax room.

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Water World featuring with 11 pools for grownups and young ones.

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Attractive spa Topusko best known as a health resort, but also as a true jewel of continental tourism. In the hotel there is swimming pool complex, indoor pool connected to the outdoor, gym, bowling, fitness, sauna.

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This popular and well-known destination, about 50km away from Zagreb, located in the picturesque region of Hrvatsko Zagorje, Tuhelj is one of the best wellness facilities in Croatia. To enjoy and spoil yourself, thermal baths offer massages, healing thermal mud wraps, sauna programs and hamam (oriental bath) and personalized body and facial treatments. This big water world is family friendly and has wave pools, pool for kids, water slides and can include family wellness packages. The water here contains calcium, magnesium, sodium and benefits the skin, as well as the regenerating mud used even for anti-cellulite treatments.

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Stubičke Spa, settlement, thermal spa and health resort at the foot of the northern slopes of Medvednica in the Croatian Zagorje. The thermal water here is known for its healing properties and has proven to be suitable for the treatment of various injuries, muscle inflammation, rheumatism and the like.

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Thermal resort Jezerčica in Donja Stubica in the middle of green Zagorje, is settled near the thermal and mineral spring. Thermal water of the spring temperature of 38 degrees Celsius is used for medical purposes and the relaxation. Guests can enjoy modern wellness and spa centre with Turkish and Finnish saunas, outside water park with three pools, five inside pools, children’s pool and water slides, massage pools and the Pool bar.

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The small town of Krapinske Toplice in the middle of Zagorje hills and forests hides rich springs that are used since 1772, when the firs bath was built. The water contains calcium and magnesium and is ranked as number six in all of Europe. This modern complex was reopened in 2015 with over 1100 m2 of water area. That includes a combined indoor/ outdoor pool with waterfalls and water slides, wave pool,4,5 m deep pool for scuba diving and pool for children with temperature from 28 to 38 degrees in over 160 water attractions. There is also a sauna world and a special attraction of the ice room.

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The Istrian thermal resort is located on the Istrian peninsula, near Motovun and beneath a 85 meters high rock with the mineral spring Sveti Stjepan. High content of minerals in the water improves the body rehabilitation and it is highly ranked among the therapeutic hot springs in Europe. Used since the 17th century, as the inscriptions show, the wellness and spa resort today consists of 25 meter long indoor pool, children’s pool, saunas, relax and a fitness centre, as well as mineral-enriched mud treatment with about 40 degrees Celsius.

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11. TERME KRKA (Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia)

Pools, filled with thermal or sea water, refreshing baths, relaxing saunas, invigorating massages suiting you down to the ground, beauty treatments and aesthetic procedures. 

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12. TERME ČATEŽ (Brežice, Slovenia)

Terme Čatež Spa - the venue for relaxation and entertainment. The Summer and Winter Thermal Riviera offer a healthy water fun and relaxing effects of the warm thermal water each day a year. Being a part of an idyllic environment the Spa is an ideal venue for numerous sports activities and offers a bit different type of accomodation amidst the nature.

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13. TERME OLIMIA (Podčetrtek, Slovenia)

The thermal water of Terme Olimia is a recognised natural healing remedy, while the greater virtue of our water is its drinkability. Drinking from the thermal water spring has many positive effects on health and vitality. Wellness Orhidelia, the most prestigious part of Terme Olimia, will awaken in you a love for your body and soul. The diversity of Wellness center Orhidelia allows each guest to find his/her intimate place of peace and relaxation. In the Family wellness Termalija you can enjoy nature to the full – sun, water, and air. Everyone can find something in this diverse complex, whether in pools, fast river, geysers, whirlpools or massages, saunas and fitness.

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Rimske terme is located in Rimske Toplice, one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia. Rich tradition and modern tourist services merge here. Take a break from everyday life, full of constant rush. Return to the essentials: soothing nature, health, wellbeing and relaxation. You will return to the Roman paradise for some time in the wonderful enviroment  with unique thermal water of Rimske terme.

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The town of Laško. The first association connected with it is beer. The Laško beer, which tradition dates back to the yr. 1825. The consumption of beer, in moderation, of course, has a beneficial effect on the body, since beer contains B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. Treat yourself to the unique Beer Wellness Pampering, wellness treatments you can experience only in Thermana Laško. Medicinal properties of the Laško thermal water are demonstrated through decades of use for therapeutic purposes in Balneotherapy. Recent research has shown, however, that the Lasko thermal water is also suitable for drinking.

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An abundance of aquatic adventures on two levels! You will find a fresh, light space; the lower level is intended for lively and active guests and is also suitable for families, while the upper level with its relaxation spots and saunas is perfect for those who seek rest and relaxation. Massage therapies, baths, warm saunas and beauty treatments – the perfect wellness services to stimulate your well-being.

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Pool complex includes large recreational pool, two jacuzzis and a pool. In the main recreational pool you can relax yourself in the music cavern or cuddle in love cavern with your loved one. You will love our attractions and special effects, such as whirlpools, water jets, the wild river, the tropical waterfall and more.

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Treat yourself to Rikli-style holistic relaxation at the Rikli Balance Hotel – thermal water and a rich offer of wellness programmes with an Alpine character!

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