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In the Croatian capital, Zagreb, the main sightseeing area is the medieval Gornji Grad (Upper Town) district. Here, popular tourist attractions include the cathedral with its neo-Gothic façade, twin steeples, and treasury with its large collection of religious art and artifacts; the Croatian Parliament (Hrvatski sabor); the Church of St. Mark with its famous colored tiled roof; and the 13th-century Tower of Lotrscak, which you can climb for fantastic views over the city and the surrounding area. The outdoor coffee drinking culture is very important in Croatia, so don’t be surprised by multitudes of people sitting outside and chatting. The best place where you can experience this as a local is at Cvjetni Trg (Flower Square), or at Tkalčićeva Street - a place where the sounds of music mix with laughter and cheering round tables.  Those 2 locations are full of coffee bars one next to another.

If you decide to visit Zagreb in winter than you definitely heard of Advent in Zagreb. During December Zagreb turns into a magical fairy tale with a variety of events and even more magical food offer. Zagreb is truly fabulous during Advent and has been  voted the best Christmas market in Europe for the third time in a row.

1. KVARNER RIVIERA (173 km from Zagreb)

Opatija - once the grand dame of Croatian tourism - is located here, as are numerous other popular resorts and the islands of Krk, Cres, Lošinj and Rab

Opatija is a magnificent city of history past and present, of invigorating restaurants hidden away in nooks on a marvellous bit of coast. Opatija is often called Vienna by the sea due to its history and architecture. The town center still contains a great number of 19th century buildings.

2. ISTRIA (74,7 km from Rijeka)

The most visited region of Croatia, home to the very pretty towns of Porec, Rovinj and Pula. This part of Croatia offers the best food and wine experiences, lovely landscapes, cycling opportunities, charming coastal towns, and a great deal of cultural and historical sites. Istria is a popular wine region of Croatia, where you can find a lot of international and local wine sorts. 

The greatest memory is to be found in this place. Not many understood, nor discovered fully the area´s hidden gems and coastal towns. Open your luxurious motorhome cabinet to the garden of hilltop towns and jump to the cleanest sea after a long hike.

Are you a fan of biking trails? Istria is the place to awaken the cyclist in you! Take a race to the top of the hill and treat the ones you love with a taste of Istarska Malvazija´s dry white wine.Do you know exactly how the olive oils are actually made? If you are looking for true local traditions, Istria´s wine culture is a miracle! Along thousands of territories the atmosphere offers a real insight of the provincial wine habits and regional heritage. Take part of the most popular wine festive, Vinistra whereas cheese, olive oil, honey and of course the local delicates taken into encounter.

Visit Brijuni Island national park, swim at the Cape Kamenjak, explore Romuald or Baredine Cave, take a boat ride to the Lim Fjord, or hike Ucka Mountain. Visit Groznjan, a “town of artists”, the forgotten town of Zavrsje, or Motovun the most popular Istrian hilltop town, to feel a fairy tale vibe of the medieval times where you can explore the countryside and join the Film Festival.

3. ISTRIA REGION – HUM (40,5 km from Istria)

Often referred to as the smallest town in the world, Hum is a symbol of architecture and mediaeval culture, and the entire town can rightfully be considered a monument in and of itself.

4. ISTRIA REGION – PULA (82,3 km from Hum)

The true spirit of your doorstep. Unmissable food culture, world famous cathedrals, historical monuments and the greatest cuisine with an Italian twist! These are just one of those elements how we could describe the true mediterrean

Pula´s Arena often hosts a great variety of live concerts and music festivals. Take your camper van to discover the sandy beaches of Peninsula and spend the most remote holiday of the time of the year.

A collection of Roman finds alongside Communal Palace serves takes a journey back to the centuries. For the unique monument lovers one must mesmerize the building for hours for its offered Renaissance façade.

The Arena of Pula is the 6th largest coliseum in the world. It is also the only remaining Roman amphitheater to have a four sided tower. It was built in the 1st century A.D. and was an arena of gladiator fights as the famous Colosseum in Rome.

5. ISTRIA REGION – POREč (61,6 km from Pula)

The city was inhabited even in ancient times; the walls around the city were built during the Roman period.
Enjoy one of Istra Camping's campsites and get to know the places close by. We recommended: Camping in Porec (Camping Bijela Uvala – one of the best, a four star camping, Camping Zelena laguna, Camping Lanterna - biggest campsite in Croatia)

6. ISTRIA REGION – ROVINJ (36,2 km from Poreč)

The Venetian-era seaside town of Rovinj is made up of pastel-colored houses ringing a pretty fishing harbor, and presided over by a hilltop church with an elegant bell tower. Besides the nearby pebble beaches, the main tourist attraction is the Batana Eco-Museum on the seafront, which tells the story of the batana, a type of wooden boat used by local fishermen. There are also plenty of top-rated hotels, up-market seafood restaurants, and art galleries to explore. The locals speak a dialect that mixes both the Croatian and Italian languages.

7. PLITVICE (129 km from Zagreb rental station)

If you could describe paradise, how would you call it? Plitvice offers a breathtaking bucket list national park filled with waterfalls and the clearest tone of turquoise lakes. No question why it belongs to one of the greatest UNESCO World Heritage places around the world. Lake gardens connected by cascades and hugged by mountain forests. Plitvice Lakes represent a majestic and dynamic face of nature in constant transformation. According to legend, following a long drought, the Black Queen took mercy on the karst and let tremendous rain fall on the ground, with the remaining water creating the lakes.

Once a year discover a place you´ve never been! Two entrances, six hiking trails awaits visitors all year round and it is effortlessly available to explore the area with all ages with its 1,280 meters peak point.
Special note: Visitors from July until August after 16.00 receive a discounted price to entrance! Ideally, the best option to visit the lake is by the camper van!

8. ZADAR (118 km from Plitvice)

This pretty Northern Dalmatian town is definitely worth a visit, and has a number of traditional and more modern sights Morske orgulje i Pozdrav suncu u Zadru.

9. KRK NATIONAL PARK (76.6 km from Zadar)

Another of the beautiful National Parks of Croatia - this one is a top tip if you are in the north Dalmatian region, and make sure you have a swim when you visit.

10. BRAč (168 km from Krk National Park)

The ever popular island of Brač, on which the most famous beach in Croatia - Zlatni Rat (Golden Horn) - is located closest to Bol na Braču.

11. HVAR (86.8 km from Brač)

One of the most popular and stylish islands in Croatia! It has a reputation of being one of the most beautiful island in Croatia.

12. VIS (107 km from Hvar)

A more remote island with a fascinating history, Vis is a great destination for those looking for something a little different.

13. MAKARSKA RIVIERA (144 km from Vis)

The Makarska Riviera is one of the most beautiful parts of the Adriatic coast, stretching 60 kilometres along the central Adriatic, in the heart of central Dalmatia. Iti s collection of very pretty towns - the main one being Makarska itself - this region is very popular with families.

14. NATURE PARK BIOKOVO (26.7 km from Makarska Riviera)

Enjoy the view from many vantage points, see amazing sunsets, take educational trails, visit a botanical garden Kotišina and experience hiking trails! The main road entrance into the park is close to the city of Makarska (pop. 13,716), the centre of the Markarska Riviera, and you can reach it by car or bus.

15. KORčULA (96.9 km from Biokovo Nature Park)

With a small but very pretty Old Town, Korcula (Town) is something of a mini-Dubrovnik - and also the rumoured birthplace of traveller Marco Polo.

16. DUBROVNIK (120 km from Korčula)

Beacause of its stunning Old Town, it is no wonder Dubrovnik is a must see!

With massive walls punctuated with turrets, towers and gates enclosing streets, churches and palaces packed with art treasures, you'll never run out of things to see and do in Dubrovnik.

Game of Thrones was filmed here! If you are a fan of the series, you can walk the streets of Meereen and Braavos and admire the amazing architecture and little streets that can also be seen in Game of Thrones! If you’re a fan of Star Wars you’re also in for a treat as Star Wars: Episode VIII was filmed here.

17. TRAKOščAN CASTLE (662 km from Dubrovnik)

Trakoscan castle is certainly Croatia's most romantic castle and makes a wonderful day 1 hour away from Zagreb. Trakošćan castle is on the list of the Most beautiful castles in Europe.

18. RASTOKE (166 km from Trakoščan)

A watermill village situated where the blue-green waters of river Slunjcica flows into the Korana river.

19. PAG (184 km from Rastoke)

Zrce Beach at Novalja it's called "the Croatian Ibiza". There are a lot of nice clubs and some of them is with swimming pool. There are parties every afternoon and every night as well. If you like parties, music and dancing, you will love this place. Quieter Pag town is where to shop and sightsee. Salty, rocky Pag is otherwise known for its local cheese, lamb and wines.


20. MEđUGORJE (293 km from Pag)

Medjugorje is an extremely popular pilgrimage site for Catholics and many miracles still occur there today.

21. SARAJEVO (155 km from Međugorje)

Historical attractions, natural beauty and unique experience of a place where „East meets West“ are all reasons which  attract and continue to bring so many visitors to Sarajevo. Baščaršija is the main tourist attraction of Sarajevo. Located in the very heart of the city, this bazaar is one of Sarajevo’s oldest wards as well as a well-preserved example of oriental architecture in the Balkans. Take a walk through the Tunnel of Hope, and  see how the Bosniaks survived and escaped the siege

Also, there are just so many delicious things to eat, from ćevapi to burek. Do not let yourself leave Bosnia & Herzegovina without trying this local delight!

97,4 KM

22. Ljubljana (569 km from Međugorje)

Slovenia’s capital city, is one of the hidden gems of Europe. The city’s rich history, beautiful architecture, green surroundings, and friendly people.

23. Bled (54 km from Ljubljana)

Fairytale Lake Bled located just outside Slovenia’s charming capital of Ljubljana. The lake is nestled between mountain peaks framing a small island upon which a castle-like church stands.