A Motorhome Lifestyle


The road down to the beach and our footprints behind. The endless summer nights and countless stories redefined. Just you and us, the torrid fire under a spicy BBQ and the mesmerizing northern view. This is our lifestyle. 

As the morning sun shines through the surface of your motorhome, we slowly open up the window blinds to gaze the natural beauty outside of our cozy mobile home. As we sip one or two from our warm cup of coffee, the only noise that interrupts the gorgeous view is the ever-first bird twittering by the lake view.

If you are a passionate nature explorer with a strong interest of nature hikes with stumble waterfalls and magnificent mountain views or if you consider yourself a culture guru with a need to know more about history and art; a motorhome allows you to fulfill the adventurous side of you and our world belongs to you.

The possibility to stop anywhere across Europe and hit the road with your motorhome

The freedom from within. Our passion is to provide you an unlimited holiday by following a strong, yet passionate community towards motorhome lifestyle.



The endless feeling to travel, to stop whenever and the possibility to enjoy everything that a country can offer. If you are looking for a fun-loving adventure filled with lot of happiness and team building aspects, then the motorhome is your choice. We recommend our lifestyle to try for everyone who keen to experience more. 


It can be an outstanding luxury camping car travel experience too!

Renting a motorhome and by choosing the lifestyle, you have the maximum possibility to spend quality time with your family and friends. No need to rush, slow down and enjoy those moments which remarkable for the rest. 

By a motorhome, you visit places otherwise you could not, stay under a sky full of stars, witness national parks without any rush and build friendships along your journey with the same mind-set.








Winter is a special time of the year for adventure seekers and for the ones who enjoys the connectivity between passion, nature and camping. Something magical happens around this time of the year. As the snow falls, northern Europe turns its landscapes from colorful feasts into a winter wonderland. 

This time offers endless possibilities to road travel with a motorhome. If northernlights are on your bucket list or getting involved of a real Arctic experience, then winter is your time to pick your motorhome and drive around. 

What else can be more exclusive then a ski holiday with some wellness treats! Refresh your body with the soul and get an exclusive experience of a wintertime combo! From endless sauna types to local stereotypes, being part of a nature-oriented community is such a hype!








Sandy beach, sun-kissed nose and our footprints behind. Summer is the best time of the year to experience a real camping lifestyle. Open air festivals, endless treasure hikes, beautiful city lights switching into breathtaking mountain views, just you and us and the campfire. We warmly invite you to enjoy our company up in the mountains or down to the beach and follow us to metropolitan city sights by thundering carnivals!

Summer is all about fun and outdoors. All summer has its own story behind. The road trips are unlimited and our freedom is enormous. Get your canoe, bring your surf board or let´s join some marathons. A Touring Cars lifestyle offers endless possibility to find yourself even more. 








Spring is a great time to experience local traditions with our family members. Endless social gatherings around the center allows us to get an insight of a culture and enjoy traditions like no other. It´s a flexibility to travel anywhere remotely. The campsites and ferry cruise ships are at core to be alive.

It is the greatest time to enjoy camping outside and spot the newest secret spots for the summer. From northern part of the Arctic to the southernmost of Spain. Spring time is the best time to take remote road trips with the ones we value the most. Collect the vitamins and let the sunbeams cosset your skin again and enjoy the many of a local festival. 









Autumn is the most coziest time of the year. When the summer is over, all we can think of is that our freedom suddenly becomes limited and we will get back to our basics. In fact, with a motorhome, your freedom to choose becomes again variable! 

Are you keen of photography tours or maybe a enjoys riding a horse? Get ready to be inspired by the most beautiful time of the year! Autumn paints its pine forest territories into colorful inventories. A wide mixture of autumn colors and animals sparkles the atmosphere and calls you upon to be outside most of the time of your "me-time". After visiting magical landmarks and historical sights, what else can be more fulfilling then a cup of coffee with a piece of cake? Take the opportunity to spend time with the children inside and be part of our friendly motorhome community! 




Hiking with a view! When you are at the bottom of a mountain or at the beginning of a hiking trail, a motorhome rental assures you to be safe. It will take you effortlessly whenever you wish to be and stand by your side when the weather is not right. 


Camp whenever! A motorhome lifestyle courage you to choose the luxury of the nature and refresh your memories with a bunch of outdoor activities. Camping with a camper van is one of an essential element to prepare our outdoor BBQ, enjoy our friends with cheerful laughter around the campfire and sleep under a sky full of stars or wake up to the caressing sound of the waves in an untouched beach. 



Explore the gifts of a country! Get a greater insight from a different perspective and enjoy the local atmosphere. Get to know cheerful local spirits through one of your road trip and benefit of the best recommendations of a special context and view. 


One pot camping recipes




Follow us on our journey and lead to our motorhome enthusiast community! A motorhome lifestyle is becoming popular to younger generations of all age, thus, elderly couples and families with small children are also enjoying the concept and we do understand the reason why! A motorhome lifestyle can be adventurous yet luxurious and highly advantageous. 

Instead of purchasing a motorhome, our passionate team says renting one could be a great choice to everyone. It is of course a great opportunity to getaway from the running world, but it does not mean that the lifestyle can not be hectic or spontaneous. 

This is the type of lifestyle which steadily stands on a concept of spontaneity and easy-going creativity. We at Touring Cars, always recommend our motorhome renters to plan their holiday routes accordingly and take a look at our best offered choices on how to prepare.