Camper rental holiday in Spain? Are you and your family ready for an adventure under the spanish sun?  Experience the best beaches in the world, spend your days in countless activities and spend an unforgettable holiday with your family. Motorhome holiday provides a perfect base for the holiday but you can define what you want to do with it and where you wish to go.  Your rental camper gives you an access to unique holiday experiences and to a possibility to explore beautiful places you never would  otherwise. Rental camper allowes you to be in touch with the nature with the comforts of a hotel room. 

Sun and sea
Start your holiday from Malaga region and spend your first days by the sea. Let the children run at the beach and burn out the excessive energy while you spend your day bathing in the sun and tipping your toes to warm Mediterranean sea. To add more excitement try scuba diving, water-skiing, surfing or hanger gliding. Biopark Zoo in Fuengirola is a guaranteed hit for the children. 


Picknick under a palm tree
A day or two goes easily in Malaga whilst having family picknic under huge palm trees and enjoying Flamenco shows and great spanish food. Malaga has also great shopping possibilities. 

Aquapark fun
After a day in the cityparks its time for family fun in waterpark Aquasierra in Córdoba. Alternatively if you missed the Biopark zoo in Fuengirola there is amazing zoo also in Córdoba. Other local activies in Córdoba includes horse riding center La Loma, rolling ondoorpark, Botanicla Garden for kids and so many other great attractions for the whole family to enjoy.

Spanish Castles
Castles are exciting places and offer exciting fun for the children and interesting cultural facts for the adults. Santa Catalina castle in the city of Jaén together with the San Ildefonso church, Santa Domingo convent, Santa Ursula monastery and the Arab Baths are definately worth to visit.  

Active playday
Grenada is located right at the feet of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range so we suggest you take more than one memory card for your camera; you´re going to need them. Grenada features also several monuments to visit but probably one of the most wellknown is the mysterious Alhambra castle. In addition to Alhambra castle, local kiddy parks, playgrounds and family restaurants await for your family. If the children still have energy left there is a cool waterpark and science park waiting for the active children to visit.

Hollywood scene setting
Next stop is Almería. Almería is great for shopping, golfing, aquarium visit, culture center visit, sunbathing at the beach and much more but one over the others is Oasys Minihollywood theme park that offers a great day together with the family in authentic western scenario. Many of the western movies were filmed here as the Tabernas Desert offers unique sceneries that you might remember from the movies such as “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Cleopatra”, “The good, the bad and the ugly”, “Death had a price” or “Indiana Jones and the last crusade”. In addition to the western theme there is also a Zoological reserve with more than 800 aminals, pool area and large range of restaurants. 


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Family holiday in a rental camper?

Rental camper is not only an ecological travel option but also really easy and affordable option for a family holiday. Your rental camper can carry everything you need onboard and your carbon footprint per traveller is much lower than other forms of traveling.

Convenient traveling
With a rental camper you can stop when ever its needed and prepare a roadside meal for the young ones.  Children can play by the table whilst traveling and all of their games and toys will fit to our spacious motorhomes. Different layouts provide multiple options for sleeping arrangements from large double beds to bunk beds on top of each others. Motorhome recharge its batteries whilst driving so you never run out of energy. Rental camper carries a reserve of fresh water so taking a quick shover after an active family fun is not a problem.

Unique holiday experiences
Camper provides you a possibility to explore places you never would without it.  See small rural villages and visit with authentic spanish restaurants without a single tourist on site. One can wake up in amazing places enjoying all comforts of a hotel room including air-conditioning, comfy bedlinen and soft towels. With a rental motorhome you can have breakfast in the middle of nowhere.

On top of the fact that there is no need to hire a car to get around and to find hotel rooms for ever night, rental camper can accommodate up to 6 persons. You can shop local delicacies on the local markets and prepare your own food or visit the local restaurants outside normal tourist regions offering cheap local prices.  


Pick up: Malaga, Spain

Rental camper for 2 in May 8 days 1548 EUR

Rental camper for 6 in May 8 days 1892 EUR


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