Vacation on a motorhome in Finland for spring 2019!

Spring in Finland is a spectacular experience. If you are like the locals, you would head to Lapland to experience the wilderness. Lapland offers multiple attractions and activities. See the reindeer farms, get to know the Sami culture or take your fishing gear with you to enjoy the unique fishing opportunities.

We have motorhomes of all categories ready for customers in Helsinki and Rovaniemi station. Take a vacation with your family or friends

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A fishing trip to Lapland

In August 2018 Janne Seppänen rented a large category motorhome from our Helsinki station with his friends to fulfil his longtime dream; a fishing trip to Lapland. Spectacular nature, fishing opportunities and wilderness landscape enthralled. The motorhome was a convenient choice to travel as Janne and his friends often changed their location.

 "We travelled all the way to Norway. Fishing and spending time in the wilderness was awesome. I guess we all need to spend some time in nature from time to time to balance the hectic everyday life. Motorhome allowed us to go to the most remote places without compromising our comfort. The renting experience was pleasant and the motorhome was in immaculate condition; it really was luxurious. The 24/7 support phone was nice service as we had not rented a motorhome before, however, we did not feel the urge to use it. The fishing trip was one of the best holidays we have had and we already plan the next year's vacation in Lapland. 

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Do you dream of having your very own motorhome?

Did you know that many of our customers rent a motorhome before purchasing one? We offer Hobby luxury motorhomes for rent. All our motorhomes are easy to drive even if you do not have previous experience. We pick you up from the airport, orientate you to your rental motorhome and offer you 24/7 phone support. Please keep in mind that you are more than welcome to travel to Norway or/and Sweden, but please inform our stuff about your travelling plans when picking the vehicle up.