Finland is located in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe, sharing its borderline with Sweden, Norway and Russia, and is culturally an interesting blend of eastern and western influences.

If you pick up your rental motorhome from the Helsinki metropolitan region, you can conveniently explore the historic old cities of Porvoo and Turku. For nature lovers, the coastal lines in the south and west offer green and clean milieus to relax in. Take bicycles with you and navigate your rental motorhome through the Turku archipelago region, which consists of 20 000 small islands connected to one another by ferries. Enjoy sauna, sun and silence. Hike, swim and get acquainted with the maritime culture.

Arrival to Helsinki camper rental station.

31 km, Nuuksio: national park and Finnish Nature Centre Haltia

10 km, Espoo: modern Tapiola Garden city and/or Old Medieval stone Church (built in 1480) in Espoo center

5 km, Camping Oittaa, by Bodom lake

10 km, Kirkkonummi: Hviträsk villa of Art Nouveau of Finland, architects Eliel Saarinen, Armas Lindgren and Herman Gesellius. Boyhood home for Eero Saarinen, the world famous architect. Today, it is a museum and a lovely English-style garden by Lake Vitträsk.

The King's Road is the old postmen's route between Turku and St Petersburg, Russia, with beautiful winding, country roads by small villages with mansions and country houses. Medieval churches, old villages and market places are worth stopping the engine.

70 km, Karjaa: In Karjaa, or the parish of Pohja, several ironworks were hosted, such as in Billnäs, Fiskars, Mustio and Fagervik during the Swedish influence. Later, the ironworks developed into different types of manufacturing, and in today's world, the most famous product may be the sunny-coloured orange scissors of Fiskars. The beautiful setting and surrounding countryside is a unique environment, and the old buildings offer opportunities that appeal in particular to crafts people, designers and artists. Fiskars quickly established its position as a showcase of high-quality Finnish art and industrial design.

60 km, Hanko camping: the sunshine village of Finland is worth a visit, with its sandy beaches and picturesque beach villas along the marina, and sailing boats docked from all over the world.

Cruises to the neighboring island, with the highest light houses (Bengtskär) in the Nordic region, are worth a visit with a rental camper

45 km, Tenhola: medieval grey granite church

101 km, the older road towards Turku, via Salo: There is a vivid history of electronic manufacturing in Salora and Nokia. You can take a smaller road with a rental motorhome, deeper into the villages of the coastal agriculture and fishing, and perhaps visit Parainen, less than 30 km from Turku.

Turku, the ancient capital of Finland with its old cathedral, castle in its port and the orthodox church by market square, is another highlight. Idyllic river boats, with pubs and cafes, right in the center and a historical wooden village hosting museum. Old town houses renovated into a shopping mall, old banks and schools into pubs and restaurants.Turku is the perfect mixture of new and old.

Ruissalo camping is a peaceful ride away, to a green park with a golf court, just outside of the city center, by the sea.

20 km, Naantali: with night vespers from the medieval convent church, by picturesque terraces and wooden houses hosting handicraft shops and cafes, Naantali is a night to remember.

The popular Moominworld is also within a walking distance.

Beyond Naantali, the small country road to the coastal village of Rymättylä can be explored, with another stone church and beautiful scenery.

Stay the night with your rental motorhome at Naantali Camping, only 1km from the city center.

90 km, Rauma: another town of Swedish origin, with a wooden old city, and a funny accent which even Finns cannot understand. Rauma hosts an annual festival week of lace (Pitsiviikot), and attracts lots of textile and handcraft lovers.

60 km, Pori: a beautiful town and the Yyteri sandy beaches - the ideal pit stop for the whole family with a rental motorhome

60 km, Merikarvia camping

120 km, St Olaf´s Church in Tyrvaa, in Sastamala: an original Catholic church from the 16th century.

The church has been renovated by volunteers twice, as in 1997, when the first renovation was finished, the church was almost entirely destroyed by arson, and the work had to be done again. Original frescoes, but also modern art by Kuutti Lavonen and Osmo Rauhala, can be found in the church.

60 km, Tampere: the city's industrial traditions and the marketplace of Tammerkoski are growing Tampere into the Manchester of Finland. The Finlayson textile factories were once the pride of all Finnish industry and a significant employer. They were also the first to use electric light in Finland. Visit the Vapriikki center of museums in old ceramic factory buildings, such as a toy museum and a museum of Finnish ice-hockey. The old cathedral and the impressionist Kaleva church show contrasts in the modern world.

Särkänniemi amusement park also offers joy to older visitors, with a delfinario, planetario, etc.

Stay the night at Camping Härmälä to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation after a full day of rental motorhome adventures, at Leirintäkatu, only few kilometers from the city center.

58 km, Iittala Glass factory, Hämeenlinna: The progressive philosophy of our design heroes, Kaj Franck, Tapio Wirkkala and Alvar Aalto, still inspires us to keep Iittala forever relevant. "We don’t just create beautiful objects: we believe in timeless design that will never be thrown away."

16 km, Hattula medieval grey granite church: this church is the beginning of the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

The church of the Holy Cross of Hattil (Hattula) is already mentioned in Danish documents from the 15th century, and is one of the 44 destinations of pilgrimage, such as Jerusalem, Rome, Assisi and Santiago de Compostela

10 km, Gardens and winery of Lepaa: Lepaa has the history of winemaking for the church until the beginning of 1900, when the prohibition law stopped production. With the EU, Lepaa was the only other producer allowed to produce wine in Finland, along with the state monopoly Alko, thus they started to make wines and liquors out of the berries and fruit. Today, they also offer education for winemaking.

20 km, Hämeenlinna; The thirteenth-century Medieval castle is the main tourist destination of the city.
Museo Militaria – The Artillery, Engineer and Signals Museum of Finland is a museum of military history. Its collections are internationally recognized as unique. The exhibition areas are in an old garrison milieu. In three floors, the museum have on-display artifacts from the 15th Century to the present day, including documentary films about Finland in World War II. The historical nature park of Aulanko, with its English-style park from the turn of 19th and 20th centuries, is another must-see.

75 km, Lahti: Lahti is the dynamic city of Luhta (technical sports wear) and Hartwall (brewery). The Sibelius Hall Congress and Concert Centre is a masterpiece of modern wood architecture, combining the historic carpentry factory with modern architecture. The Lahti Symphony Orchestra concerts provide a way to enjoy the wonderful acoustics of the main hall.

75 km to Vanhankylänniemen camping: 200m from the center of Järvenpää.

Järvenpää's Culture Trail connects the Tuusulanjärvi artistic community's various locations. The trail includes as destinations Jean Sibelius's Ainola, the nationally renowned author Juhani Aho's Ahola, Eero Järnefelts' Suviranta, and the Sibelius Academy's Kallio-Kuninkala college. The approximately two-kilometre long walking tour familiarises visitors with the daily routines and leisure activities experienced by artists one hundred years ago.

Other noteworth places to visit:

  • Tuusula, and the Krapihovi hotel and restaurant
  • The Tuusula wooden church (1734) and its courtyard with the tombs of Aleksis Kivi and Pekka Halonen
  • The Lotta museum, organized by voluntary women of the Lotta Svärd organization in Finnish Independence Wars
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