Motorhome rental in Scotland

In 2019, you are due to have the holiday of a lifetime; with a rental motorhome. We guarantee that these memories will stick with you, compared to any box standard package holiday. Great Britain has everything, from picturesque countryside alleys, the unique Stonehenge and a busy city life in Manchester. Experience it all on a same holiday; with a rental motorhome.

A five-stop route through Britain: from Manchester to Edinburgh

Start your holiday by driving your rental motorhome from the rental station in Manchester. In the northeast, just under three hours drive away lies the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The delightful city offers something for everyone: museums for those wishing to indulge themselves in culture, historical buildings for those interested in the past as well as quaint pubs and bars for those seeking to tast the local nightlife. 

2. Just a short voyage out of Newcastle, the motorhome route continues to the historical site of Hadrian's Wall. At the time of the Romans, it represented the norther limit of the empire and a defensive fortification against the Picts. The wall spans 117.5 kilometers, with forts and watchtowers along the whole length. Hadrian's wall was declared a World Heritage site in 2008.

4. Moving away from city atmosphere, the fourth sight on the route is the Trossachs national park. The park offers a breath-taking view across mountains, lochs and lush forests. Tourists can take a tour of a lake in a historic steamship or spend a day visiting small picturesque villages. If an active pace is what you wish for, you may head to an aerial adventure park, rent a canoe or kayak and go climbing or biking.

3. The next stop for the route is the city of Glasgow. The Gaelic name of the city means a "lovely green place", which is fitting as you can find numerous parks and open spaces within. Glasgow once was an industrial hub, but in the course of history it has transformed to the cultural center of Scotland, with exquisite museums, art galleries, concert venues, and festivals.

5. The route ends in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The city is renowned for it's history and culture. Edinburgh is laid on seven hills and is divided into the medieval Old Town, and the New Town, built in the style of 18th century Georgian architecture. No matter the time of year, Edinburgh is never empty. There is a festival for almost every month of the year and the restaurant scene ranges from relaxed cafés to hip dining rooms, The best part is that everywhere you look, there is something to do, hear and taste.

This whole route can be fit into just a few days. Overall travel distance via motorhome is 600 kilometers.


Your five star home base

Why not book a five star hotel room, a Rental Motorhome from Manchester and drive a few hours to reach any corner of the Great Britain. The high end Touring Cars rental motorhome provides all you would need to enjoy each and every leg of this magnificent journey without compromising the need for a bit of luxury and ultimate comfort.

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Price examples for a 6 days in a motorhome:

for 2 persons: 1232 EUR

for up to 4 persons: 1292 EUR

for up to 6 persons: 1352 EUR


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