Hiring a motorhome in Estonia is an amazing experience. In addition to being a great way of traveling, hiring a motorhome is also one of the cheapest ways to explore vast areas. There is no need to search for hotels and no time wasted in seeking rental cars. Both of them travel with you during your entire motorhome adventure. This route takes you through the Eastern parts of Estonia, all the way to the South. On the way, you can enjoy water parks, antique markets and beautiful beaches. 

Day 1

Arrival to the Touring Cars camper rental station close to Tallinn Airport.

Touring Cars camper rental station to Viking Village, about 25 km

The Viking Village is located in an old Estonian pre-historic place, where you can still find spearheads and other treasures. It is a place where you can learn about ancient Estonia, try to conquer the stronghold, or take a viking hike along the river. You can also learn about ancient music and dance, try shooting a bow, throw an axe, or even catch your own fish and turn it into a lovely dinner with the help of the local cooks. The Viking Village offers exciting activites for the whole family.


Viking Village to Lake Peipus, about 152 km

In 1652, Moscow and Nikon, the Patriarch of Russia, launched reforms to adjust the rituals and doctrines to the mother Church of Constantinople.  The Patriarch of Russia was supported by Tsar Alexei I. All believers and clergy were not in favour of the reforms: in 1681 and 1685, when the congregation gave its blessing to the Eastern inquisition, it started the persecution of the Old Believers. During this period, there were a lot of beatings, confiscation of property, deportation and even death penalties. The approximate number of executed people has been evaluated to be more than tens of thousands. The Old Believers fled to the remote areas of the country and to neighboring countries. The first Russian Old Believers appeared to the Estonian Peipsi coast in the Mustvee and Kallaste region in the 17th century. They live there to this day, even though the Soviet Union liquidated the old cultural and educational societies, and started a repression against the spiritual leaders. The rebirth of the Old Believers began in 1995, by which time Estonia had regained its independency and restored the Estonian Old Believers Congregation. There are 11 Old Believers congregations registered in Estonia: 9 in the Lake Peipus region, one in Tallinn and one in Tartu. There is a unique opportunity to see the Old Believer villages while driving along the Lake Peipus. It is possible to buy fresh fish and onions, which are known as the main source of income and highly-rated goods. 

Mustvee Old Believer’s Museum

The Mustvee Museum gives a good overview of the Old Believers culture, in the past and nowadays. The collection includes: samovars, irons, old religious clothing, household items, furniture and fishing gears.

Camping suggestion: Tiirikoja Puhkekeskus or Rannamõisa Puhkeküla

Day 2 

Tiirikoja Puhkekeskus to Alatskivi Castle, about 39 km

In addition to the castle visits, you can get involved in various workshops (textiles, felt, clay), or dress up in the squire's and maid's costumes. There is a disc golf course opened in the castle park. Alatskivi Castle and the park hosts a range of events and concerts throughout the year. In July, a popular antique fair is also offered. You can look up on the events around Lake Peipus by clicking here .

Alatskivi Castle to Vudila Playland, about 35 km

The Vudila Playland is the biggest Estonian game park, with pools where you can spend your vacation with your children. The Vudila Playland has a waterpark, amusement park, trampoline area and an animal park.  

Vudila Playland to Kolkja, about 44 km

In Kolkja, you can visit the Kolkja Museum of Old Believers and dine in the Kolkja fish and onion restaurant. The food in the menu are made of Peipsi fish and vegetables that are grown in nearby villages and made according to Russian Old Believers’ recipes.

Camping suggestion: Kolkja Puhkeküla

Day 3 

Kolkja Puhkeküla to Kavastu ferry, about 27 km

A hundred years ago, the rivers that crossed many roads were serious obstacles to people on the road. At that time, bridge constructions were very expensive and time-consuming. Therefore only a few rivers in Livonia had permanent bridges. Until the beginning of1930, there were no bridges on the Emajõgi from Tartu to Lake Peipus. The only way to cross the lake was by rafts. In Kavastu, there is a unique opportunity to cross the Emajõgi river with a raft. The raft is lead by a metal chain that is across the river, and is attatched to the shore. The raftsman cranks the flywheel that moves the raft along the chain. Crossing the river takes a little less than ten minutes. 



Kavastu to Taevaskoja about 45 km

Suur and Väike Taevaskoda (Large and Small Heaven’s Hall) are one of the most visited tourist attractions in South Estonia. The most beautiful part is formed of the local sandstone cliffs and aboriginal river. Heaven’s Hall legend tells about caves and secret passageways. In Estonia it is customary to say that every Estonian has an oblicating to go there once in their life.

Camping suggestion: Salamaa Camping

Rental camper in Kavastu raft

Day 4

Salamaa Camping to Piusa Caves, about 53 km

The Piusa caves were founded in 1922-1966, when people moulded glass sand by hand. Approximately 10 km of underground roads were constructed for the mining facility. The largest bat colony in Eastern Europe is located in the Piusa caves. The Piusa Caves visitor centre is open to visitors. It is possible to take a guided tour to the Piusa Muuseumikoobas viewing platform.

Piusa Caves to Suur Munamägi, about 43 km

Suur Munamägi (318 m) is the highest mountain in Estonia, as well as in the Baltic states. Situated at the top of the mountain is an observation tower, from which you can view Estonia from the height of 346,7 meters and for a 50 kilometer radius.

Suur Munamägi to Otepää, about 70 km

Otepää is internationally known as the city of winter sports, a tourist center, and also as the Estonian winter capital. Otepää is 152 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest city in Estonia. There you can find the beautiful Pühajärv and the Tehvandi Sports Center, where all athletes, as well as tourists, are welcome. In addition to Tehvandi's various sporting opportunites, you can also visit the highest viewing platform in the Otepää region, adventure park and other interesting things. 

Camping suggestion:  http://www.pyhajarve.com/en/

RV Rental in Estonia Piusa Caves

Day 5

Otepää to Tartu, about 54 km

Tartu is the second largest city in Estonia, and is known as the traditional Estonian intellectual life center. It has the oldest university in Estonia, the University of Tartu, which was founded in 1632. We definitely recommend visiting the Tartu Oldtown, which has a heritage conservation area, and the Science Centre Ahhaa with your children. Find out more information about Tartu by clicking here .

Camping suggestion: Karlova Harbor Caravan or Vaibla Puhkeküla near Lake Võrtsjärv

Motorhome rental in East Europe

Day 6

Tartu to Põltsamaa, about 61 km

Põltsamaa is a small city in Estonia, but which has played a huge role in the history of Estonia.  There is a beautiful castle courtyard and rosary with approximately 5000 rosebushes from 1000 different species. The Põltsamaa rosary has the biggest rose collection in the Baltic states and belongs to the top 10 largest rosaries in Europe. For more information about Põltsamaa, click here .



Põltsamaa to Vaibla Holiday Village about 34 km

Vaidla Holiday center is a nice place to rest and where anyone will find activities.

Camping suggestion: Vaibla Puhkeküla

Day 7

Vaibla Puhkeküla to Wittenstein Time Centre in Paide Tower, about 78 km

On different floors you can learn about the pre-historic and the middle ages, the times of kings and czars, the occupation of Estonia, and the Estonian restoration of independence. There are a lot of light and sound effects, video programs and illusions.

Paide to Touring Car camper rental station, about 90 km

Returning of the motorhome to the Touring Cars camper rental station.

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