Diverse natural landscapes, islands, untouched forests, long and diverse coast line, and several national parks. See the best what the Baltics have to offer in just a couple of days; this is your ultimate rental camper trip!


Paldiski Town

Paldiski town, a former Russian naval base only 50km from the capital city Tallinn, is a perfect place to start this adventure. This area is famous for its amazing limestone cliffs and sandy beaches. Paldiski used to be the home to Russian submarines, but nowadays it is the home for the rare black guillemots that look like little penguins. 

Park your rental motorhome near Paldiski for a great opportunity to feel the Eastern culture and taste local delicacies. 


Matsalu National Park

The Matsalu national park is 48.610 hectares of mesmerizingly beautiful wetlands, rivers and meadows. Matsalu is an internationally important stopover for a vast amount of migrating waterfowl and coastal birds. In the middle of this beautiful park stands the fully restored Penijoe Manor. A great number of marked trails and 7 bird-watching tower guarantees a fun hiking experience.  Read more here >>.



Panga Cliff

Enjoy the green and blue seaside sceneries and spot the local fauna. At 21.3 meters, the Panga cliff is the highest cliff in Saaremaa and Muhu, reaching up straight from the sea. On the highest point of this slate cliff, an ancient ritual site stands, where they used to sacrifice humans for the sea.

Besides nature, this area is known for its cultural events and Angla windmills that are typical for the Saaremaa Island. Other activities on this site include diving and hiking. If you fancy something cute, this is one of the largest resting sites for grey seals, so it is the perfect place for seal watching. 



Meteorite Craters of Kaali

Some 7500 years ago, a meteorite caused major damage that is comparable to an atomic bomb in the Saaremaa area. An approx. 5 - 10km meteorite that fortunately broke into smaller pieces in the atmosphere created these big, amazing craters. These Kaali meteorite craters are the most spectacular in the whole of Eurasia, and is definitely worth visiting.

Park your rental camper to the Kaali visitor centre, which offers a great variety of activities around the area, from cycling trips to horseback riding, boat safaris, spa treatments and much more.  


Soomaa National Park

The Soomaa national park is a pristine untouched natural area, and covers bogs, marshes, meadows and forests. Beautiful landscapes for treking and uniques features, such as a suspension bridge, guarantee a relaxing day out. Read more here >>>

Camper rental in Estonia, Estonian national parks


Piusa Caves

Take a guided tour through the hand-mined sandstone caves that are nowadays a home for the biggest colony of bats in East Europe. If you don't fancy bats that much, you can also take a short hiking trail that goes through the majestic pine forest of Piusa. Along the way, this trail has 9 information boards introducing you to local flora and fauna.  


Lahemaa National Park

Being the biggest and oldest national park in Estonia, this is the highlight of your tour, and is easily accessible with a rental motorhome. The Lahemaa National Park is important for its natural sights and cultural landscape and represents the Estonian nature perfectly. This is a home for the lynx, wild boars and so many other Northern European animals.  Read more here >>>

Camper rental in Estonia - estonian caves and national parks


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