The famous North Coast 500 route needs no introduction. Take this tour conveniently with your motorhome to see the fairy-tale castles, rough mountains and distinctive Scottish coastline. The route starts and ends in Inverness, the capital of Scotland, however, we will begin at Inverness and finish the road in Fort William. The ideal time to explore this route is minimum of 5 days and if you want to take detours to see for example The Loch Ness then 7-10 days would be best. Please note that the high season is from April to September. In the low season hotels, restaurants and also camping sites reduce services. 

A motorhome is a handy option to travel through Scotland as many of the hotels are fully booked already well advanced and getting an accommodation can be tricky.  Also, the limited amount of public toilets can make a road trip around the Highland with a regular car quite unbearable.  


Ardtower Caravan Park camping site located in Inverness is an excellent starting point for your road trip through North Coast 500 route. This option allows you to enjoy the famous Irish ambience in Inverness, the heart of the Highland, Scotland. Visit for example the remarkable Inverness Castle that was built in 1836. Today the castle houses the Inverness' Sheriff Court, and some parts of the castle are open to the public. The illustration of this castle is printed in the 50£ notes. 

Whisky enthusiast's pitstop

Whisky collectors will enjoy Dalmore's distillery located only 32 kilometres North of Inverness. The distillery was founded in 19th century by Alexander Matheson. Dalmore's legend dates back to 13th century when one of the Mackenzie clan members rescued the King of Scotland from a raging stag. Later on, Matheson sold the distillery to two Mackenzie clan members. Once the ownership changed the Dalmary's iconic moose/stag symbol was stamped on the bottles.


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Castles and Gardens


Brora C&C Site located just 90 minutes drive from Inverness is a surpassing first stop. This camping site is perfect for enjoying the sandy beach. The breathtaking Dunrobin Castle is just a short distance away and definitely worth the visit. The castle is the largest privately owned property in Scotland. The fairy-tale-like castle has a remarkable history so take a guided tour to explore the garden and the castle's rooms open to the public. 

Dunbeath Castle Gardens just a 40 minutes drive from Brora is open to the public once a year in August and other times on appointment. The Garden has unquestionably one of the most versatile flora in Scotland. A pathway runs through the garden to a gorgeous castle that lies on a cliff by the sea. The Castle is privately owned and not open to the public.

Beaches of the West Highland

The natural landscapes of North West Sutherland are the climax of this route. In fact, sandy beaches of Achmelvich and Clachtoll make this area a world-known. The drive from Dunbeath is 4 hours, but ensure you have enough time to make stops in the villages and to enjoy the magnificent views.  Try seafood restaurant to experience the local cuisine.  

On a sunny day, the crystal clear turquoise water might make you think you are somewhere further South rather than on the shores of the North Sea.   Right next to the sandy beach lies the Achmelvich camping site that offers guided walks around the beach. Brave watersport fans can also try windsurfing.

Glenfinnan and the history of Jacobites

The journey from Achmelvich to the next destination takes approximately 4 hours. Schedule enough time if pitstop to Loch Ness is in mind. 

Perhaps one of the most famous attractions in Scotland is Glenfinnan.  The iconic Jacobites steam train and the famous Glenfinnan viaduct that rises 100 feet above the ground to carry the train across a 1000 feet long span is worth seeing despite the popularity among the tourists in the high season.

To discover more about the Jacobite's history take a trip to the Glenfinnan monument and visitor centre.  Consider also a guided tour to the top of the monument to hear about the Jacobite Rising which also the brilliant tv series Outlander is all about. 


Fort William

The second largest town in Highland Scotland is this route's ending point. One of the most significant attractions near Fort William is Ben Nevis mountain. Hike to the top of the mountain to view the astonishing landscape over Scotland. Trekking enthusiasts might find this attraction as one of their trips high point! For not-so-breathtaking activities enjoy the cafes and shops in the city centre.  Choose from three certified and yearly inspected campsites. Glen Nevis Car & Camp Park located on the root of Ben Nevis and eco-friendly camping site Linnhe Lochside Holidays **** ranked as one of the top sites in Highland are great campsites to consider. 

Route details

This route is total of 624 km long.

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Lenght of the route


The average travelling time per day on this beautiful route is 2 hours.

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