This fascinating camper rental will introduce you to few of the most beautiful Polish castles and their past. Poland has a spectacular history and it’s a home to over 500 castles that are a part of its historical heritage. These breathtaking castles encase several wonderful stories with facts and legends that will amaze anyone interested in the history, especially the history enthusiasts. These following castles are just a small part of the amazing set of Polish castles but you can be assured that they’ll make your camper journey a fantastic experience!

Czocha Castle

The first destination of your fascinating castle camper journey is the Czocha Castle. It’s one of the most interesting land marks of the Lower Silesia and a popular tourism spot these days. However, in the 18th century the castle was a victim of a large fires and destruction until it was restored into its beautiful shine. Today Czocha might also be referred as the Polish Hogwarts since it serves as a spot for live-action wizard role play games. However, that’s just a small part of the selection of things it offers. This magnificent attraction also serves as a fancy hotel and runs as a place for events like plays and concerts, exciting tournaments, dance shows and sometimes even as a site for a movie. On top of all this, you can also find a restaurant specialized in Polish food and a cozy café. Give a visit to check out this spectacular attraction yourself!

Ksiaz Castle

The second castle of your camper journey is the magnificent Ksiaz castle. This unique attraction is not only an amazing sight but it also holds fascinating World War II secrets you don’t want to miss. This huge medieval castle sits on the mysterious Owl Mountains in the city of Walbrzych. During its long history it has gained different architecture styles making it truly mighty. But after all, what was found under the castle still steals people’s attention. Ksiaz was claimed by the Nazis who forced their prisoners to build a huge underground structure under the castle and the surrounding area. Some stories tell that there would still be weapons and valuable treasures lying around the soil making people around the world hunt for them around the castle hills. Apart from the mysteries, today the castle provides tours every day and restaurants for you to dine in while admiring the amazing old art and architecture around you!

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Moszna Castle

Next off it’s time to take your camper journey towards the “fairytale castle” called Moszna. The reason why many see it as a fairytale castle steam from the stunning appearance and enormous size that you must see with our own eyes. Today the castle is one of the most known monuments to be found from the southern Poland including a hotel, a restaurant and a stud farm for thoroughbred Arab horses. The history tells how the rich Tiele-Winckler family built this baroque-styled dreamlike castle with 365 rooms and 99 towers surrounded by a gorgeous park. The park includes spectacular forest-, meadow-, and field areas without any strict boundaries. Thanks to this beautiful Elizabethan era reminiscent castle it has also served on several movies and photo shoots. Step in to this fairytale attraction and let its story lead you on while getting amazed by the mesmerizing views!

Ogrodzieniec Castle

Your journey is reaching halfway as you’re approaching the incredible ruined castle of Ogrodzieniec. The castle used to be a magnificent structure before it started to fall apart in the 19th century and became a victim of a several kinds of attacks. However, it was later stopped from crashing down entirely. Today the huge, spooky yet beautiful ruins can be visited on their amazing high spot located on a living rock as a part of the mighty Jurassic mountain range. When entering this amazing attraction, take your time to admire the interesting view and think of how magnificent the castle must have been while it still thrived. You should also climb the tower to enjoy the breathtaking view of the surrounding area. The castle does provide a small museum too where you can see different kinds of weapons and ware that once belonged to the knights. One of the most interesting ruins for sure!

Wawel Castle

It’s time to explore your next destination, the Royal Wawel Castle. This significant, nationally important castle is located in Krakow and it has been highly invaluable throughout history. The fortress was mostly built in the 14th century with a gothic style and then rebuilt several times over the years. Today you can find countless interesting things to see in the castle. For example, the beautiful Cathedral and its interesting museum, different kind of fascinating exhibitions like the Lost Wawel, the Oriental Art and the interesting Grown Treasure & Armoury. Another awesome place to explore is the legendary Dragon’s Den where the terrific, fire spiting Wawel Dragon once lived terrorizing the people of Krakow according to the story. However, today you can visit the fascinating dragon-free cave without fear. The Wawel Castle truly has a lot to offer from its stunning views, gorgeous design and countless options, so why not pay a visit!

Niedzica Castle

The very last destination of your camper rental journey introduces you to the Niedzica Castle which is located near the Slovakian border. This beautiful gothic castle was built on the Pieniny Mountains as a defense fortress. It’s definitely one of the most picturesque sights in Poland with its outstanding view on the Czorszty lake and the dam of Dunajec river. Nowadays the castle functions as an archeological museum with special tours where you can get absorbed in the history by dressing as a monk and dining in medieval ways. You can also enjoy different medieval events to feel the historical atmosphere. The museum is a home to many fantastic historical furniture, artifacts and paintings. But that’s not all, according to a legend, there’s a golden Inca treasure hidden in the castle, let alone the place is told to be haunted at night by this ghost of a woman. Why not give your journey an exciting final and find out yourself!

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This route is total of 622 km long.

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The average travelling time per day in this beautiful route is 1,5 hours.

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