Experience the unique Lakeland Finland in little over a week. See variety of idyllic towns in Eastern Finland. Breathtaking views, great activities and sightseeing.

Day 1

Arrival at Helsinki camper rental station and pick up the rental motorhomes for your dream holiday.

Choose the historical Kings´ Road to avoid busy highways and follow the old postmen´s route. The original Postal Road started in Bergen, Norway and via Stockholm, Sweden and Turku, Finland it lead all the way to St Petersburg, Russia. On the way you can admire the traditional agricultural landscape and see the difference in the coastal climate.

55 km Porvoo is one of the oldest and best restored Medieval towns of Finland and it is quite intriguing to walk in the narrow cobblestone streets in the old town part looking for your way to the old Cathedral. Here in March 1809, the Czar Alexander I of Russia and the Diet of Porvoo established the autonomic state of Finland. The idyllic town hosts today also the museums for J.L.Runeberg and Albert Edefelt.

Day 2

Following the smaller country roads East with your rental motorhom, you have a chance to visit old industial villages with stone churches, mills and workshops; e.g. Pernaja, Loviisa and Ruotsinpyhtää only 40 km from Porvoo.

40 km Kotka shows the importance of the seafaring of today with its modern Port and the history is represented in Maritime Center Vellamo

30 km further East is Hamina which is know for its fortress of curious architecture and for the peace treaty signed here between Sweden and Russia in 1809. The continuance of the military base and education here, has kept the historical village full of life and activities.

100 km Lappeenranta already gives the first glimpse of the Lakeland, as it is located by Saimaa and from the marina you can start your cruises or choose a restaurant boat for a refreshing break. The quicker rythm of life and the joyous karelian dialect may strike you as different from Western Finland. The Orthodox church in Old Fortress could also tell many stories from the past.
Maison Volkoff, originally home of a rich Russian family is now the oldest wooden house in the the tow and hosts a souvenir shop and a restaurant.


Day 3

40 km Imatrankoski used to be know for its wild beauty of the Imatrankoski Rapids for the river Vuoksi, once the biggest of Europe, but today muzzled by a hydroelectrique dam. During the summer time you have a possibility to see the river in its best in the evenings for 20 minutes when they open the dam for a show at 6PM.

The road by the Eastern Borderline is heavily forested first, but soon the scenery with winding roads between the clear blue lakes amazes you. All around you, you can see crystal clear water and islands with greenery bus also beaches inviting you for a swim.

90 km Punkaharju hosts an interesting Center of Finnish Forest Culture, Lusto, which illustrates the interaction between man and forests from the past to the present days. Few more comfortable kilometers with your high quality rental camper and you reach Retretti which is a major art museum in Punkaharju. It is unique as the exhibition space is underground, in the man made caves totalling 3700 square meters and reaching to 30 meters.

Day 4

35 km Savonlinna  is the home of Olavinlinna, one of the only well preserved medieval castles of Finland. During the popular Savonlinna Opera Festival the town is fully-booked but the other times it is the most charming metropol of Lakeland. You may want to take a lunch cruise on a lake steamer for different sight-seeing or simply enjoy the relaxed atmosphere on shore.

Day 5

23 km Kerimäki  has the biggest wooden church of the world, built on 1847, seating for max 3000 persons. It is still in active use, but not open to public 24/7 so it is best to check in advance for entrance.

100 km Heinävesi is the home of the only two Orthodox Monasteries in Nordic Countries; Valamo Monastery and Lintula Nunnery. The location is the most beautifull and inspiring for meditation and quiet life.

60 km Joensuu was founded by the Czar Nicholas I of Russia in 1848 and became the capital of North Karelia, due to its importance of the location by the great river traffic. Local saw industry and later other industrial activities have kept the town alive. University of Joensuu also attaracts lots of young students here.


Day 6

75 km Koli National Park gives you the scenery and activities for several days. But if you only can spare one day here, you´d better choose to hike the Circuit of the Tops of 1,4 kms to Ukko-Koli to see the marvellous view over Lake Pielinen.

If you have more time to wander check the waterfalls, observation tower and the rocky cave called Devil´s Church.

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Day 7

81 km drive with a rental camper to North Nurmes, which is perhaps most famous for its Bomba House, a traditional family house built in Karelian tyle. It was originally designed for 24 families and built in Viburg, but in 1934 it was moved to Nurmes. Annual events invite people here to learn about the Karelian culture; architecture, music and food. Originally this culture was introduced to the Finnish people in Kalevala, the national epic of Finland, collected by Elias Lonnroth from Eastern Finland (Karelia) and published in 1835.

Day 8

129 km Kuopio has the liveliest market place in Finland and it famous for local food products e.g. "kalakukko" (finnish loaf of rye pasty with fish and bacon inside). The old quarters of town host the Old Kuopio Museum, with several old homes opened to see how the life was during the late 18th century. The location between East and West makes it easy to understand why there are Cathedrals for both Catholic and Lutherans but also an Orthodox Church with an interesting Museum. The Marina offers refreshing terraces and daily cruises, but the view is even more beautiful from the Tower of Puijo.

77 km Varkaus  is also located on the Lake shore and is an excellent place for a refreshing stop with your rental motorhome, and maybe for some fishing and other outdoors sports on Lake Saimaa.You can cruise on an electric boat or visit Via Canalia Exhibition of the Canal Museum. Another unique experience is the Museum of Mechanical Music.


Day 9

84 km Visulahti hosts an amusement park with dinosaurs and wax works along with the Vintage Car Exhibition. Nearby Xon Park in Anttola has zorbing, Bungee jumping and paintball for the more adventurous travelers.

6 km Mikkeli  is known for centuries old military history. During the WWII the Finnish Army head quarters were located here, thus the number of military themed museums. Also here the Savolax Cuisine is visible on the lively market place.

135 km Lahti may be best recognized for the Ski Jump events and also other winter sports. Due to the dynamic atmosphere also textiles industry for sports clothing has a strong knowledge here; Luhta, Rukka, Torstai and Nanso are some names to remember. Lahti is also dynamic in culture and today home of the wooden Sibelius Music Hall, of which architecture was inspired by the Finnish forest. The right selection of materials have also given the final touch to the perfect acoustics.

Motorhome rental in Finland

Day 10

85 km Tuusula and Lake Tuusula has almost a colony of homes of artists from times of awakening of Finnish Nationalism such as Jean Sibelius, Juhani Aho, Pekka Halonen, Eero Järnefelt and Aleksis Kivi. The homes and ateljees are now open for the public to admire. Also worth visiting is the Lotta Museum which is dedicated to the Finnish women defending their country during the latest wars.

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