Day 1

Tallin Camper Rental Station – Tallin Zoo, Distance 6,4 km, driving time 11 min  

Address: Paldiski maantee 145, Haabersti linnaosa, Tallinn

Your Estonian adventure begins with a VIP transfer from Tallinn Airport. Our driver will meet you at the terminal and drive you to Touring Cars' motorhome rental station. After a full orientation to your rental camper and some small refreshments, you're ready to start your exciting adventure. 

There are plenty of options for your first stop, from Tallinn Old town to numerous beach resorts around the Tallinn area, but the local zoo is a guaranteed raiser of holiday spirit. Over 350 different species of birds and animals ensure that there is enjoyment for each and every one of your family members. After an exciting encounter with Scandinavian animals, it's time to visit the local supermarket to fill your motorhome's fridge with local delicacies.  

Day 2


Tallinn Zoo – Tallinn Television Tower, Distance 15km, driving time 25min

Address: Kloostrimetsa tee, Pirita linnaosa, Tallinn 


After a good night sleep in your rental motorhome and a wonderful Scandinavian-style breakfast, everyone is ready for a new adventure.

One of the landmarks of Tallinn, and thus one of the must-see attractions, is the Tallinn Television Tower. The tower is 314 meters high, the tallest building in Estonia. 

Admire the panoramic view over the capital city of Tallinn at 170 meters, while you enjoy the local delicacies. The tower café and brasserie/restaurant are located on the 22nd floor's terrace. This is worth visiting in the beginning of your Estonian journey, also due to the fact that the tower offers advanced interactive multimedia solutions. These will introduce you to Estonia and Tallinn, giving you all the basic information for your journey ahead. If you dare, you can walk on the glass floor that has a straight view to the ground. 

The children will also have a good time here, playing in their own mini television studio. 

After a visit to this local attraction head your rental motorhome to one of the local camping sites and prepare your your family for a hike in one of the Estonia´s beautiful pine forest. There are plenty of clearly marked trails for easy and safe hiking. After a hike and warm shower its time to fire up BBQ and spend the evening in the glow of a camping fire.

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Day 3

Tallinn - Jägala waterfall, distance 22 km, driving time 21 min

Address: Koogi küla, Jõelähtme vald, Harju maakond

Estonia offers many postcard sceneries that you can not find elsewhere. One of these beautiful sites is the Jägala waterfall. This natural haven is located at Jägala river downstream, approximately 4km before the river reaches Gulf of Finland. This beautiful waterfall is nearly 8 meters high and over 50 meters wide, being the widest natural waterfall in Estonia. This is the perfect venue for a beautiful day in the Baltic nature and a family picnic with a rental motorhome.

In addition to its beauty, Jägala is also one of the best places to fish for salmon and trouts in Estonia. Remember to pack your fishing gear!

Day 4

Jägala waterfall - Palmse Manor and Open-Air Museum, distance 57km, driving time 40min

Address: Palmse küla, Vihula vald, Lääne-Viru maakond

If you spent your the previous day fishing at Jägala, it may be the time for some more romantic stuff. Head your rental motorhome to the Palmse Manor and an open-air museum located at Lahemaa national park. This manor is one of the first completely renovated manors in Estonia.  With its parks, gardens and historical buildings, it offers all visitors loads of exhibitions, workshops, romantic cafés and wine cellars. It is famous for its exhibitions, variety of performances and concerts. They arrange daily events that are open for the public to participate. It is the perfect place for a romantic day out. 

Camping nearby

Day 5

Palmse Manor and Open- Air Museum – Rakvere Castle, distance 33,4km, driving time 27min

Address: Vallimägi, Rakvere, 44307 Lääne-Viru maakond

Rakvere Castle offers excitement and fun for the whole family. Park your rental camper nearby and try archery and shooting, as well as fighting with spears and swords. You have a chance to try metalsmithing and making your own coin with the Rakvere Castle emblem.

You can also join in making pottery like the old times. Travel in time to the Middle Ages and check out the street of red lamps, a brothel and a barber's shop. In the actual castle, you can wander into the torture chamber and cellar, where they let you try Middle Age wines.

The sastle pub offers food prepared according to recipes from the Middle Ages.

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Tour of estonia with a rental camper

Day 6

Rakvere Castle – Ontika Limestone cliff and Valaste waterfall, distance 62,3 km, driving time 48min

Address: Ontika küla, Kohtla vald, Ida-Viru maakond 

The Ontika limestone cliff, at 55m above sea level, is the highest place in Estonia. The best place to stop with a rental camper and see the Ontika Limestone cliffs is from an observation deck built by the Valaste Waterfall. Follow a nature trail to the unique forest between the Baltic sea and the limestone cliff.  

The Ontika limestone cliff begins in Öland, Sweden, and ends nearby Lake Ladoka in Russia, and is over 1100km long. This magnificent formation is part of the famous Baltic limestone bank. The longest part of the cliff starts from Saka village and continues 23km, all the way to Toila bay.

Located in Toila, Valaste is also the highest waterfall in Estonia, over 30m high. The best time of the year to visit this waterfall is during the spring and early summer. If the summer is really dry, there is limited water cascading down the waterfall. In the winter the waterfall changes character again. This is the time, when the Northern winds are blowing from the sea, forming ice to the trees around it, and the area turns into a winter wonderland. 



Day 7

Ontika Limestone cliff and Valaste waterfall - The Pühtitsa Dormition Convent (Kuremäe Convent)

distance 36km, driving time 31min

Address: Kuremäe küla, Illuka vald, Ida-Viru maakond

The Pühtitsa Dormition Convent is located in Kuremäe center. The convent was founded in 1891, and it’s the only orthodox nunnery still operating in Estonia.  In early times, a sacred place for Estonians was located here, and a sacrificial spring was at the foot of the hill. Today, the spring is known for its curative powers and is referred to as a “holy spring”.  If you want to, you can have a dip in its refreshing water. The gates of the convent are open and you may observe the life inside. If you are interested in the way of life here, you can join one of the tours around the nunnery complex arranged by the nuns themselves. 

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Day 8

The Pühtitsa Dormition Convent (Kuremäe Convent) - Avinurme Woodworking Centre,

distance 53km, driving time 42min

Address: Võidu tänav 3, Avinurme alevik, Avinurme vald, Ida-Viru maakond

The Avinurme woodworking center is the home of local craftsman, practicing traditional woodworking skills. Here you can find the best selection of Estonias’s woodwork products, and perhaps now is the time to think about souvenirs. If you can't find exactly what you´re looking for, you may put your own skills to the test! The centre organises a variety of workshops, from basket-weaving and felting, to bread-making, candle-making, painting and more. The cosy coffee shop offers home-made cakes and pastries, fresh bread and other treats. Truly a must-see destination on your rental motorhome holiday in Estonia.

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Day 9

Avinurme Woodworking Centre – Ice Age Centre ( Jääaja Keskus ), distance 72 km, driving time 58 min

Address: Saadjärve 20, Äksi küla, Tartu vald, Tartu maakond

Have you seen the mammoths or cave lions? This is the place where this is still possible. Well, they are not moving that much, but they look real. 

Read more here.



Day 10

Ice Age Centre ( Jääaja Keskus ) - Põltsamaa Castle, distance 53 km, driving time 45 min

Adress: Lossi tn 1, Põltsamaa 

Põltsamaa Castle is considered to be the most beautiful Rococo-style castle in the Baltic states. The surroundings host the Põltsamaa museum, wine cellar, food museum and Estonia’s press museum. In addition, you can visit the castle's art gallery and clay workshop.  Põltsamaa Castle also functions as a local tourist centre, so you may ask for more ideas while visiting.

Põltsamaa Castle – Tallinn Rental Station, distance 126km, driving time 1h 35min

Returning your rental motorhome at the Tallinn motorhome rental station and perhaps a transfer to the airport for your flight home.

Camper rental in estonia, Photo by: Jarek Jõepera. Source: Visit Estonia



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