Save up to -40% compared to normal summer rates

In 2019, you are due to have the holiday of a lifetime; with a rental motorhome. We guarantee that these memories will stick with you, compared to any box standard package holiday. Great Britain has everything, from picturesque countryside alleys, the unique Stonehenge and a busy city life in Manchester. Experience it all on a same holiday; with a rental motorhome.



Your five star home base

Why not book a five star hotel room, a Rental Motorhome from Manchester and drive a few hours to reach any corner of the Great Britain. The high end Touring Cars rental motorhome provides all you would need to enjoy each and every leg of this magnificent journey without compromising the need for a bit of luxury and ultimate comfort.


All of our rental motorhomes are well-equipped holiday homes on the road.  They are all manufactured in Germany and they represent the finest motorhomes available from the compact VAN rental category to the FAMILY motorhome for up to 6 persons. 



Book a Rental Motorhome in UK!

Price examples for a 6 days in a motorhome:

for 2 persons: 1232 EUR

for up to 4 persons: 1292 EUR

for up to 6 persons: 1352 EUR



Rental motorhome UK and England