Have you yet visited the capital of Poland? Warsaw is an excellent choice for your camper rental if you’re looking for a city mixed with old and modern. The city has a colorful history including dark times which you can still feel in its special atmosphere today. The impressive historical attractions, beautiful parks, great restaurants and shopping spots are all there making the city a wonderful option for your camper trip. You should check out these awesome attractions down below and pick Warsaw as your next camper rental destination!

Warsaw Old Town

Your first camper destination in Warsaw is the atmospheric Old Town. This unique center was almost completely destroyed during the World War II but went through an excellent recovery becoming a lively spot with many great options. Today you can experience its rich culture and long past by walking on the wonderful cobblestone streets, admiring the beautiful buildings and plazas while enjoying the charming historical ambience. You can also find many fascinating attractions like museums and galleries, as well as cozy cafes and restaurants while walking there. Here are a few amazing attractions definitely worth checking out when visiting the Old Town:

The beautiful Market Square offers several great restaurants, bars and stores worth visiting. You could also check out the fascinating museums around the area, like the Historical Museum of Warsaw.

The incredible Royal Castle used to be a residence of royalty back in its King days. Today the mighty castle offers historical royal furniture, artifacts and paintings to admire on a tour that takes you through the royal rooms.

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Next off you have a fascinating museum to visit where you will learn about one of the most important parts of Poland’s history. The Museum of the History of Polish Jews is a remarkable, modern and massive building designed by a Finnish architect that tells about the 1000-year-long past of Poles and Jews. The structure is accomplished with an impressive symbolic architecture including glass panels that fill the buildings insides with light. The museum contains several galleries with artifacts and multimedia exhibitions from the versatile history of Jews. However, words won’t tell enough so why not take your camper trip here to experience it yourself!

Another interesting and popular museum you could visit it the Rising Museum. However, the content tells about a dark history which might be for everyone. You should definitely check it out though if you’re interested!

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Copernicus Science center

The next destination of your camper trip is the incredible Copernicus Science center. It’s the best science center in Europe and one of Warsaw’s top attractions. This huge, modern center offers so many things that it’s almost impossible to learn about everything on one visitation. There are over 400 exhibits and you have the opportunity to observe, learn and experience about the ones that inspire you. Everyone will make discoveries, no matter the age! After a long while of exploring you could take a break in the café and don’t forget to check out the Science store for interesting findings. Let your imagination and curiosity guide you in this amazing attraction!


Lazienki – Royal Residence Park

Your wonderful camper rental is now taking place at the spectacular Lazienki Park. It’s a cultural palace and garden complex with a residence functioning as a museum. You will be amazed of this vibrant green paradise with its beautiful tree areas and flower arrangements. It’s also a home to many lovely birds, peacocks and squirrels. Apart from the greenery, another thing to admire is the gorgeous architecture along with the several historical objects the area offers. Many wonderful events are also arranged here. Make this Royal Residence Park as your next camper destination to get absorbed in the magical garden as well as the fascinating history.




Did you know that Warsaw is the 9th most populous capital city in the European Union and that the great composer Chopin was from Warsaw?




Warsaw is unique and beautiful. Camper will be a great way to see the sights and explore the country. We suggest the medium size camper as it is easy in the city and also convenient when on the road. Choose your rental motorhome from one of these categories.



Daily conserts to celebrate Chopin's music are held in the heart of Warsaw every day. No tour in Warsaw is complete without live Chopin music. Enjoy the live music daily at Warsaw house of Music.



Have you tried Pierogi? These crescent shaped parcels can be filled with different ingredients such as meat, cabbage or mushrooms. This traditional cuisine is offered in many restaurants in Warsaw.