Taking your camper rental in to this lively top attraction is definitely worth it. Krakow is one of the most interesting cities in Europe and a famous tourist destination in Poland. It’s the second largest city in the country and it’s known for its beauty and long, rich history that will impress anyone, including you on your fantastic camper journey. This trip introduces you to some of the best destinations in the city as well as around it. For example, the versatile Old Town is a one spectacular spot with its plentiful set of attractions, including the largest Market Square in Europe. Take your camper rental in the magnificent city of Krakow and experience the mesmerizing atmosphere of history and modernity blended together!

Wieliczka Salt Mine


The first destination of your fantastic camper rental is the Wieliczka Salt Mine. It’s an incredible attraction about a half an hour drive from the centre of Krakow. The Salt Mine has about 300 kilometers of tunnels which of some are open to the public on a fascinating guided tour. Every single bit of this over 300 meters deep spectacular underground sight is made of a tremendous amount of hand carved salt which took over 30 years to get finished by two men. The attraction offers several fascinating elements to check out from ornamental statues and monuments, chambers with galleries and subterranean lakes to chapels with different shapes and altarpieces, including the incredible Chapel of Saint Kinga. Check out the fantastic underground miracle yourself to give your camper rental an interesting beginning!



Oskar Schindler's Factory


Your next camper journey destination takes to one of the most important spots in Krakow while moving somewhat closer to the centre of the city. The Oskar Schindler’s factory is an impressive museum with one of the most touching stories that took place during the tragic World War II. The factory was managed by a German industrialist named Oskar Schindler who famously saved about 1200 Jews from the Holocaust by listing and work forcing some of them in his factory from a concentration camp. The famous movie “Schindler’s List” is based on these events. Today you have an opportunity to visit the incredible factory museum filled with historical information and memories of this wartime hero. If it’s not too much, pay a visit to learn more about the incredible story!



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Krakow Old Town


Now you’re reaching the centre of Krakow as your camper rental takes place in the fascinating Old Town. It’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with its rich culture, historical value, beautiful architecture and countless possibilities. The town has had its dark times though it was very lucky to evade destruction during the World War II. Nevertheless, today it’s a lively spot with versatile options that attract a whole lot of people. When exploring the spectacular Old Town you will find countless fantastic monuments and art galleries, atmospheric courtyards, charming cafes and restaurants, as well as the other amazing attractions along the mighty Royal Route. Here you’ve got the top plan to experience the charming Old Town and its attractions extensively by following The Royal Route!




Your journey through the magnificent Old Town:

The Royal Route walk through the fascinating old town begins from the iconic Floriańska Gate. Today this gorgeous Gothic gateway tower functions as an entrance in to the Old Town. After going through the gate, follow the Floriańska Street to find your way to the spectacular Main Square.




As you reach the Europe’s largest Main Market Square, you may take a moment to admire this undoubtedly beautiful plaza with its elegant buildings and several nearby attractions. Located in the centre of the square, you will find the world’s oldest shopping mall, the stunning Cloth Hall. On the south side of the square you can see the handsome Town hall and from the north side you can find the mighty Saint Mary’s Basilica with its impressive Gothic look and breathtaking interior appearance.




After admiring and experiencing the Main Square’s grandeur, your walk may continue towards the last attraction of your Royal Route journey: The Wawel Castle. This beautiful Gothic castle is a nationally important sight and it owns a highly invaluable historical status. From fascinating stories to the countless things to see around the castle area, your Royal Route walk may end with this piece of brilliance!

Ojcowski National Park


The last destination of your camper journey takes you again away from the centre and this time, in to the nature. The Ojcowski National Park is one of the smallest yet one of the greatest of Poland’s national parks. The beautiful park is a home to some wonderful flora, fauna and other charming sights, including over thousand flowering plant species, mixed forests, spectacular rock formations like the famous Club of Hercules, two castles and 400 caves which of two you can give a visit. The half-ruined Kazimierz’s Castle attracts with its ruined yet charming Gothic look and historical exhibition, while the Pieskowa Skala Castle mesmerizes with its beautiful Renaissance architecture and three fascinating exhibitions. Camper is an excellent way to reach The Ojcowski Park, so why not pay a visit and enjoy the nature!



About Krakow


This second largest city of Poland dates back to the 7th century.
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This UNESCO World Heritage Site of Auschwitz-Birkenau is worth the visit. With you motorhome you can easily take a day trip to this former Nazi concentration camp.



Restaurants in Krakow are known for mixing traditional cuisines with foreign ones. The most favorite fusion is with italian kitchen. The restaurants are typically not pricey, so one can eat nicely also with smaller budget.