Motorhome tour to the Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean hides under its surface many unique creatures. The most mystical one of them is perhaps the whale, the size of which varies between 14 and 16 meters. These majestic giants can be spotted in the arctic waters of Norway. Also, other fascinating fauna can be seen in these far corners of Europe that still offer a home for various rare species. The total length of the Arctic Ocean route is about 2100 kilometers. These unique landscapes are mean to be enjoyed with a rental motorhome, so don't make driving schedules that are too ambitious. On a trip to the Arctic Ocean, the journey is your goal, not the destination. 

Camper rental in Norway, whale watching

The most convenient way to explore these arctic destinations is to pick up a rental motorhome from Touring Cars' motorhome rental station in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, and head from there to the northern parts of Norway. Plan the best route for yourself, or be inspired by our route tips! We recommend stopping by the Nordic gems, such as Tromso and the North Cape. Experience a whale safari in the coast, and be mesmerized by the serpentine roads, green valleys, ultramarine waters and mountains that retain their snowy tops throughout the summer.

The arctic areas offer active travelers multiple activities, such as whale safaris, bird watching, canoeing and horse riding. Stop by at the Tana River, and try some serious fishing. Talented or lucky fishermen may end up feeding the whole crew with fresh salmon! This route enables you to access Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish Lapland, the regions of the indigenous Sámi people. On your way back, visit Siida in Inari. It is a museum dedicated to the indigenous cultures and the arctic nature that coexist in a tight relationship.    

These destinations can be chilly even in the summertime, especially during the night.  To stay comfortable under the midnight sun, remember to pack with you multiple light layers, hiking shoes, rubber boots and a warm sweater.

Day 1 -  Arrival to Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is a gateway to Lapland. Start your rental motorhome journey in the north by getting yourself acquainted with the northern nature, climate and the way of living in these latitudes. Arktikum, a museum and arctic science center, introduces the history of Rovaniemi, as well as the arctic lifestyle, species and peoples.  A truly magical arctic inhabitant is of course Santa Claus, who lives about eight kilometers north from Rovaniemi city center, and is easy to visit on the way to other northern destinations.

Rovaniemi has several restaurants offering Lappish delicacies. Taste arctic specialties, such as reindeer meat, cloud- and lingonberries and seasoned vegetables, and take a peek in the city's nightlife. The campground in Rovaniemi is located by the river, separating the center from the Ounasvaara area, which offers great outdoors possibilities with trails and a sports center. From the top of Ounasvaara, you can see the whole city, surrounded with the white summer light.

Day 2-3 -  Inari & Saariselkä

The distance between Rovaniemi and Saariselkä is about 300 kilometers. If this feels like too long a drive with a rental motorhome to you, make one extra stop at Pyhä-Luosto National Park, located about 150 kilometers from Rovaniemi. 

Lake Inari is amongst the biggest and deepest lakes in Finland, and is perfect for fishing. When you’re in Inari, take some time to visit Siida. The Sámi museum offers an insight into the nature and indigenous cultures. Parking your rental motorhome in Siida parking area, you can enter the nine kilometer long trail to Otsamotunturi.
If you have time, take a hike in the national park of Lemmenjoki. Lemmenjoki River used to be a gold mining area in the past, and you can still try your luck in finding gold. 

Day 4 - Kevo National Park

The distance between Inari and Utsjoki is about 130 kilometers. 

When you drive the rental motorhome to Utsjoki, you can reach the northernmost border of Finland and the region of Kevo National Park, which invites visitors to hike in its untouched deserted nature. In Kevo, you can pick from two marked trails. Both of them are quite demanding, so if you are not experienced nature wanderer, it is recommended to start from easier destinations. Kevo River is the main vein of this heart of Lapland. The landscape is almost tundra, where only the toughest fauna can survive. Utsjoki is Finland's third most seldomly populated municipality with only 0,25 people per square meter. The Sami people, reindeer herding and fishing label the area. 

Day 5-6 - North Cape

The distance between the North Cape and Utsjoki is about 200 kilometers. 

You cannot visit northern Norway without spending a day in the majestic landscapes of the North Cape. The North Cape is located in the municipality of Finnmark. Here, you can spot various birds, and go deep sea fishing in one of the richest fishing fjords on earth, Kamøyfjorden. Visit the Arctigo Icebar to experience a wintery side of the region, as it offers snowy treats only during the summer season. You cannot leave the region without taking a photo on the over 300 meters high cliff, from where you'll most definitely be mesmerized by the midnight sun and the endless Barents Sea, spreading in the horizon. 

North Cape (Nordkapp) with a Rental motorhome

Day 7 - Alta

The distance between the North Cape and Alta is about 180 kilometers. 

Alta is just by the Norwegian Sea, and offers amazing opportunities to participate in a Norwegian horse safari. Imagine small but robust Norwegian horses, with their thick hair going against the wind in the strands of the sea. There's no better way to get peace of mind and connect with nature than this. 

Day 8-9 -  Tromso

The distance between Alta and Tromso is about 400 kilometers. If this feels too long, take a rest in some of the coastal villages by the route. 

Tromso has it all – beautiful landscapes with snow-capped mountains and a city life including arts, great food and architecture. Take a ride in a cable car and admire the midnight sun from a bird's eye perspective. Here, you can get acquainted with the northern nightlife, whilst being surrounded by breathtaking nature - enjoying the silence of the night in the comfort of your rental motorhome. 

Day 10 - Narvik

The distance between Tromso and Narvik is about 250 kilometers.

In Narvik, you can go climbing, mountain biking and fishing. In Narvik, visit Skjomen, an ice-eroded fjord, or go to the Narvik church or polar zoo. If you are a fan of Nordic nature, you won't run out of things to do.

rental camper in Norway

Day 11 - Kiruna

The distance between Narvik and Kiruna is about 180 kilometers. 

On this route, you will pass by the Abisko National park, probably the best location to stop by with a rental motorhome, and have a refreshing hike under the midnight sun. These landscapes lead you through waterfalls and canyons to a Nordic wonderland. 

The main destination, Kiruna, is located in Swedish Lapland, and is labelled by Sami culture and outdoor activities. In Kiruna, you can experience a moose safari that takes you in a boat through the emerald green Vistas Valley. Kiruna also offers small city attractions, so you can also fine dine here, in case you had no luck pike fishing.

Day 12 - Levi or Ylläs

The distance between Kiruna and Levi is about 300 kilometers. If this feels like too much of a drive, take advantage of the freedom to roam, and stay overnight in the hem of nature in the comfort of your rental motorhome.

These destinations in Finnish Lapland gather a lot of tourists during the winter season. In the summer, you have more peace. Even though the slopes are closed from skiing until the winter season starts (usually in October), you can go hiking or rock climbing in this beautiful scenery. Hiking is especially recommended in September, when the nature is dressed up in autumn colors. The everyman's right enables you to pick up berries and mushrooms throughout the season.

Day 13 - Return to Rovaniemi

The distance between Levi and Rovaniemi is about 150 kilometers. 

Return of the rental motorhome to Touring Cars' rental station in Rovaniemi.


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