Are you and your family in need of a fun and versatile camper rental? This camper trip in Poland will offer you that and much more. Poland is famous for its history with fascinating destinations, but that’s not all. The country is also home to countless fun and energetic locations that will certainly delight the whole family. On this camper rental you will get to know some of these exciting destinations including active and calmer options. Choose Poland as your next camper spot and let its versatile options create the most wonderful memories for you and your family!



Your fun camper rental begins from the entertaining Energylandia. It’s one of the top amusement parks in Poland with its huge area including several exciting options like carousels, roller coasters, water rides and many others for the whole family. The park includes three exciting zones for different ages, a waterpark, entertainment shows and a 7D cinema. The three zones include the Little Kids zone with its mild child-friendly attractions, the Family zone with its several options fit for the whole family and the Extreme zone with the fiercest options for the daring ones. Start your exciting camper rental with this amazing, adrenaline pumping attraction and continue your journey with a smile on your face!

The Bedzin Castle


The second destination of your fun camper trip is The Bedzin Castle. Poland is famous for its castles so there had to be one included in this camper trip too. They’re definitely fascinating and exciting options for adults as well as kids. I mean, who wouldn’t want to imagine themselves as a King or Queen of the castle? This particular medieval castle used to be an important fortification back in the history. During its existence it also got changed from wood to stone and beautified by an artist. Today the castle functions as a museum including several fascinating historic collections and a fantastic view over the area. It’s definitely a wonderful spot for the whole family!

JuraPark Science and Entertainment Park


Next off you have one of the country’s incredible JuraParks to experience. This one is located in Krasiejow. The theme park is an excellent option for both kids and adults. Here you have an opportunity to admire the accurate sized copies of the magnificent dinosaurs that lived during the Mesozoic and take part in the geological workshops. Many Triassic findings have been made in Krasiejow including a dinosaur called Silesaurus Opolensis. All attractions together, the park includes a time tunnel, a museum, workshops, a 5D cinema, a playground, an amusement park and a beach. The time tunnel is a unique spot to learn about the history of the universe. Check out this awesome complex and enjoy your fun day!

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Złoty Stok


Now it’s time to continue to the mesmerizing Złoty Stok. It’s an incredible 1000-year-old gold and arsenic mine museum that offers a set of several great options today. The attraction includes a mighty treasury where you can find 16 tons of gold as bars, gnomes that protect the mine, a 15-seat boat named Titanic and of course, the one and only underground waterfall in Poland. This spectacular 10 meters high waterfall is unique in all of Europe. Any visitor will remember it with its gorgeous colorful light effect and the magical sound of falling water. Anyhow, the place offers fun tours and fascinating surroundings for you and your family to enjoy, so you should definitely give it a go!



The fifth and final destination of your exciting camper rental is the fantastic city of Wroclaw. It’s one of the biggest and most attractive cities in Poland. Here you can enjoy the colorful influence of many cultures, historical attractions, beautiful appearance and wonderful restaurants. Wroclaw is portioned into islands by the Oder-river making the city a home to over hundred bridges that connect these areas. For children the city is an amazing spot with its exciting attractions and gnomes that can be spotted throughout the city. Give the incredible Wroclaw a visit to experience this and much more! Here are few awesome attractions to check out that fit perfectly for the whole family:

Wrocław Zoo & Afrykarium

The fantastic Wrocław Zoo & Afrykarium is a home to the richest and oldest fauna in Poland. The amazing animals are from all around the world including very rare species. There are also great options like pony riding for the youngest visitors. The impressive Afrykarium is a new addition to the zoo including exciting animals like hippos, crocodiles, penguins, sharks and many more.

Old Town

The atmospheric Old Town is a fascinating spot with its wonderful attractions including the versatile Market Square. For kids however, these historical spots might not interest that much, apart from the lovely gnomes around the area. The beautiful Staromiejski Park is awesome for kids with its fun playground. For adults it’s a great place for relaxation while enjoying the view.

Poland is The Aquapark

One of the greatest water parks in Poland is The Aquapark. Kids definitely favor it and no wonder why. In this exciting park you can find indoor and outdoor swimming pools with fantastic water slides, the “lazy river”, wave machines and many other fun spots. The attraction also offers a restaurant, café, bar, fitness center and a shop. Give it a go and enjoy the feeling of refreshment after!

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