This wonderful city is an excellent choice for your next camper rental. Riga is the capital of Latvia and the cultural gem of the Baltic region. It has everything a successful city holiday can offer. That being said, it’s great for travelers with its rich culture and many options for both adventurous and peaceful vacation. Every century has left its stain in the city which can be seen best in The Old Towns architecture and historical look. Take a look at these fantastic attractions and choose Riga as your next camper journey destination to experience its special atmosphere yourself!

Riga Motor Museum

Your exciting camper rental in Riga begins from this unique museum with the largest and most versatile collection of old vehicles in the Baltic region. The museum exhibition is like a story that tells about the antique vehicles, important people and the most significant historical events in the world of cars. The collection includes many classic cars of different brands, not to forget the oldest automobile in the world that you should definitely not miss. You could also try some interactive driving games or other fun options before you continue your journey towards the next destination.




Riga Zoo

The second destination of your camper journey is the lovely Riga Zoo. Here you can just relax and have a great time spotting many beautiful animals along the way. The zoo is located on one of the most beautiful areas in Riga and it’s a home to over 400 hundred animal species. The place is open all year around and it’s great for both children and adults. Home animals like baby rabbits and lambkins can be patted at the Children’s Zoo area. You can also do several other activities in the Meža Parks which is located near the zoo. This fun experience will certainly put a smile on your face and your exciting camper journey may continue towards the centre of Riga!


Vermanes Garden

The next destination of your camper journey is the Vermanes Garden. The place has a rich history and it’s situated in the middle of Riga and happens to be one of the oldest parks in the city. This versatile destination offers something for everyone from majestic sculptures, monuments and stone statues to many concerts and playground for kids to have fun. The park is fantastic through the year. Even when the dark winter comes, the atmosphere is peaceful and lamps will glow beautifully. After enjoying the park you could stop at one of the many cafes around the area before continuing your exciting journey.

Old Town Riga

It’s time to move towards the historical and geographical heart of Riga. The Old Town is a truly unique example of how cities were built back in the history. This charming area has plenty of gorgeous and well-preserved medieval architecture and narrow streets made of cobble-stone. The world-class museums and sacral structures also make it very special. Take a moment to walk around the area and admire the beautiful buildings before taking a closer look at the sights. Here are some unique attractions you should check out while visiting The Old Town:

House of the Blackheads is considered the city’s most beautiful building and a symbol of Riga. It’s also the landmark of the Old City and one of the most important places for any tourist in the city. The attraction serves as a place for exhibitions and events like concerts among other things. You should definitely not miss this spectacular sight!

Town Hall Square is a must-see when visiting The Old Town. It’s a 13th century meeting place where you can see the amazing architecture of Riga at its best. The squire is surrounded by numerous interesting buildings, like the House of the Blackheads which is next on the list.

Saint Peter’s Church is a significant landmark and the tallest church in Riga with its breathtaking views from the tower. Its Gothic architecture is an outstanding example from the 13th century and definitely worth checking out.

Riga Cathedral is one of the biggest and oldest churches in Latvia and the Baltic region. The majestic cathedral is one of the most known landmarks in the country and it has a unique mixture of different styles of architecture. The church offers a rich cultural life with its several concerts and other wonderful amenities.





Alberta Street (Art Nouveau Museum)

The last destination of your exiting camper rental is this very special street called the Alberta Street. It’s known for its beautiful Art Nouveau buildings. This particular architecture covers about third of all buildings in the centre of Riga which makes the city very unique in the world. Take a walk on this street to admire the fantastic figures of animals, faces and masks designed on the walls. One great attraction you should check out here is the Art Nouveau museum. In this museum you can see some complex designs, impressive sculptures, fantastic paintings and beautiful decoration among other things. After experiencing the Alberta Street and all of these other attractions your Riga camper rental will surely leave you very satisfied!

Choose Riga as your next camper journey destination to experience its special atmosphere yourself!





Riga in a nutshell


Riga is over 800 years old. Each of the Century has left marks to the Historical City Centre hence it's great place to explore on a motorhome.

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Unesco Site


The Historical Centre of Riga was selected as one of the Unesco World Heritage Site. Unesco decribes Riga as the living illustration of European history. Read more here.

Local Cuisine


Have you tried Pelmeni? Originally Ukrainian or/and Russian cuisine is similar to Italian Ravioli and Tortellini and it is also popular in Latvia. Try the Pelmeni XL where the locals go.