Are you looking for a camper rental with beautiful scenery, amazing food and wine, long sandy beaches, mist-covered mountains and charming atmosphere? Then Northern Spain might be exactly what you’re looking for. The idea of vacation in Spain makes many foreign travelers think about the sunny south automatically, ignoring the north. But in fact, the north can offer so many things that make your vacation unique and eventful. Choose this so called “Green Spain” as your next camper rental and enjoy your charming and surprising vacation!

1. day: San Sebastian

Your delightful camper rental begins from one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, San Sebastian. This youthful and versatile city is located on an ideal spot in the Green Spain and it offers much of delicious food, lively nightlife, shopping possibilities, versatile activity options and gorgeous beaches like the famous La Concha which is definitely worth a visit. However, excellent food still steals the highlight with the countless restaurants and bars around every corner of the city. As for activities, swimming, surfing and biking are very common, not to forget climbing the Urgull-mountain and admiring the beautiful view. Give a visit to this luxurious city and you won’t be disappointed!


2. day: Bilbao

The next destination of your camper journey is the mesmerizing city of Bilbao. Wonderful Basque culture, delicious food, various events, modern architecture and art have made the city a glamorous must-see destination. The most known attraction is the Guggenheim museum. This modern art museum has a unique modernistic structure covered with titanium that draws attention to any passer-by. Another thing the city is known for is the excellent food, just like in San Sebastian. Fantastic food really shows up all the time while visiting the Northern Spain. Anyhow, if art and food is your thing, then this delightful destination is definitely for you!

3. day: Picos de Europa National Park

It’s time for something different as your journey next takes place in the nature. Picos de Europa National Park is one of Europe’s least spoilt areas and the first national park in Spain. On your exciting adventure you can spot amazing wildlife while passing by the breathtaking landscapes.

In addition to the mighty nature with snow-peaked high mountains, leafy forests, lovely valleys and rivers the area also offers much of history and heritage, not to mention the wonderful villages located around the area. Make this your next camper destination and you can be assured that the unique experiences will leave you amazed!

4. day: Oviedo

This cathedral city is not that known in the country even though it’s the capital of Asturias and definitely one of the most charming cities in the Northern Spain. The city is well known for its several unique religious monuments. It also has a rich history with interesting old churches and other historical must-see attractions. Some of these churches are built in a unique Pre-Romanesque style, like The Santa Maria del Naranco which is a fantastic example for you to check out. Apart from the history, you can also find a beautiful market area, great restaurants and bars, elegant parks, wonderful shops and many other fun places worth a visit.

5. day: Santiago de Compostela

The last destination of your fantastic camper rental is the famous Santiago de Compostela. It’s the capital of Galicia and the ending point for the famous 800 km long pilgrimage route, Camino de Santiago. The city is one of the most important Christianly centers in Europe and the Old Town holds a unique position with its roman-, gothic- and baroque styled architecture.

The most important attraction is the Santiago de Compostela cathedral which keeps on drawing people in with its spectacular appearance. You should also give a visit to some of the interesting museums while staying. Nevertheless, the city is actually quite small and charming and it will give your camper rental a grand finale!

The Route Details

This route is 753 km long, see route here.

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Total time travelling

The route requires 11 hours of travelling, on average 2h and 45 minutes of driving each day.

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