Camper rental in Latvia is a fantastic option. The country is full of versatile destinations from verdant nature and parks to the cultural cities with historical attractions and exciting adventures. With a camper you can experience all of this quickly and easily. Don’t get too hasty though, relaxing in one of the wonderful spas Latvia offers could do some miracles. Nevertheless, here are the TOP 5 destinations when visiting Latvia!


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Riga is conveniently located and driving distances to another locations in Latvia are quite short. Enjoy the city and book your rental motorhome from our Riga station.





Jurmala is really nice summer vacation destination, but usually fully booked. Book your luxury rental motorhome from our Riga Station and drive 38 minutes to Jurmala. 





Cape Kolka is perfect place for nature lovers. Book your luxury motorhome from our Riga station and drive 2 hours 20 minutes to Cape Kolka. 



1. Riga

The most popular destination in Latvia is the incredible capital, Riga. This cultural gem offers countless versatile options from adventures to historical sites with incredible architecture. Gothic Cathedrals, mesmerizing Art Nouveau, charming cafes and restaurants with delicious food. When exploring the Old Town, you should especially take a walk to just admire your surroundings before taking a closer look of the fascinating attractions. All that being said, enjoy your camper adventure in this glamorous capital!

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2. Jurmala


This coastal resort destination is a wonderful option if you’re looking for fun. Taking your camper rental here will introduce you to the lively white-sanded beaches, relaxing spas, wide pine forests, one of the longest sandy coastlines in Northern Europe and of course, the amazing wooden architecture Jurmala is known for. The city also arranges several events including art exhibitions, concerts and other great happenings. Let the eventful Jurmala impress you with its countless options!

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3. Sigulda


The city of Sigulda offers the most beautiful scenery, ancient castles and fantastic adventures. The city’s landscapes have brought inspiration to painters and poets for centuries. It’s also a home to some ancient castles and the incredible National Park, Gauja. The park is gorgeous around the year with its beautiful Gauja River and magical valleys. Sigulda is definitely one of the greatest places for taking a break from the city bustle and getting some amazing experiences by active adventures!

4. Rundale Palace


This Baroque styled palace got to be one of the most beautiful ones in Latvia. The mesmerizing building built by Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli is surrounded by a lovely rose garden was detailed by artists back in the 18th century. In fact, the palace was even nicknamed as a Baltic Versailles and no wonder why. The place offers tours that take you through the historical rooms including an incredible 18th century lookalike suite of a duchess. Experience the age of splendour in this fantastic destination!

5. Ventspils

The city of Ventspils is a fantastic destination for the whole family. It’s a home to a very important port, gorgeous forested lowlands and a beautiful, clean, white-sanded beach favored by the tourists. While visiting, you should also check out the fascinating Old Town, admirable gorgeous street sculptures and the lively parks. The name of the city comes from the wonderful river flowing through the city called Venta. However, words tell very little of its greatness, you should see it for yourself!


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  • 2 gas bottles
  • Priority check-out with post rental check up
  • Unlimited km
  • All taxes 
  • Quality Rental motorhome 
  • VIP airport pick-up service. Service is offered from/to main airport of each destination country.
  • Personal customer service and orientation to your rental vehicle We allocate as much time to customer service at the pick-up and drop-off as required.
  • Linen exchange free of charge. Possibility to replace any rented linen and bedding for a freshly laundered supply during their stay at any of our rental stations.
  • TC Basic insurance
  • Navigation 
  • High quality kitchen and dining ware
  • Electricity cable with adapter
  • Water hose
  • Vehicle levellers  (tyre wedges)
  • Free of charge information package giving good insight to travelling with a retnal motorhome and to our destination countries. Available at the camper rental stations.
  • 24 h phone service for all road side questions
  • vehicle replacement service in case of major malfunction

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