Touring Cars’ extensive range of destinations spans from the rustic beauty of the Nordics to the warmth of southern Europe and everything in between.

Whether you are looking to explore culture, history, cuisine, nature, local range of extreme sports, or all of them, we have something for everyone. Touring Cars camper rental chain is growing rapidly with new, local rental station. We want to respond to the travel desires and quality demands of travelers in Europe by providing an individually tailored, high-quality setting for a unique, unforgettable travel experience.




Croatia truly is a mix of Eastern and Western cultures and the Mediterranean spirit. As a holiday destination Croatia is a combination of lively coastal towns and small picturesque villages surrounded by beautiful natural reserves. 

Cruising around Croatia with a rental motorhome is all about spectacular beaches, spotting beautiful wildlife, enjoying the adrenaline while engaging in different sport activities and tasting proto-Slavik culinary treats in authentic village restaurants. Choosing Croatia as your holiday destination guarantees unforgettable holiday memories and amazing photos to be shared with friends.

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beach croatia



Iconic, the most well known landmarks in the world, rich history and amazing gastronomy: Experience France with a luxurious rental motorhome. This could well be the most versatile motorhome holiday and one of the best holidays you will ever have. 

This Western European country is filled with the most well known landmarks in the world, art and architecture.  The repertoire of opportunities and options to see and experience is staggering. Take your rental motorhome from Mont Saint Michel to Paris and all the way to French Riviera.  Start your mornings with fresh croissants and taste the best champagne in the world in ancient cellars In Rheims. Culinary options, landmarks and outdoor activities to try are endless. Hundreds of well equipped and high quality camping sites support this amazing adventure perfectly.

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mountainous landscape in france



Astonishing lakes, picturesque valleys and soaring mountains - the best of what Britain has to offer.

Great Britain is full of Iconic landmarks and breathtaking countryside; all easily accessible by a motorhome. Experience the natural beauty of Great  Britain by hiking or cycling through the National park in the Lake District, visiting the North Yorkshire moors, seeing the Peak District and Snowdonia or the Yorkshire Dales. Visit the many castles and houses; Alnwick Castle, Chatsworth House, Durham Castle, Warwick Castle and Conway Castle. Explore the many villages and Towns; Cotswolds, Stratford up on Avon, York, Harrogate, Chester, Blackpool and Liverpool.

Pick your favourites and start your journey through United Kingdom from Touring Cars rental station in Manchester. 

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edinburgh castle in scotland



Exquisite white-washed towns, sandy beaches, beautiful countryside, majestic mountain ranges and grand monuments: Spain is a favoured destination for rental motorhoming.

Mixed landscapes, mixed cultures and endless possibilities for outdoor activities; this is why a rental camper holiday in Spain is guaranteed to be unforgettable. From turquoise-coloured water and lush green areas to the rough terrain of Sierra Nevada; Spain has it all and a rental camper is perfect way to experience them because your rental camper allows you to try a bit of everything this camper friendly country has to offer. Add guitar music, exquisite food culture and perfect sunny weather and the holiday setting could not be any better.

Spain´s rich history ensures there are plenty of fantastic monuments to visit and historical sites to see. Spain also has long traditions in wine production. Spain is one of the biggest wine producers in the world so there are great opportunities to visit some of the vineyards and taste the famous sparkling wine Cava or Tinto Fino made from the most planted red grape Tempranillo. Spanish wineries also age their wine in oak barrels so you get to taste cellared wines that have been aged to the point of perfection!

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visiting a beach in spain with a rental motorhome



Historical cities, dozens of untouched nature reserves and a culture full of joyful feasts

Motorhome rental in Sweden offers a variety of things to do and see! Choose your routes to go through the historical cities of the south and experience true maritime culture with the white sandy beaches and colorful villages. For a little bit of excitement on your motorhome rental holiday, park your beautiful camper for a day and visit one of the various amusement parks or zoos.

Swedish culture is full of joyful feasts such as Midsummer and Crayfish parties that are the highlight of the late summer with delicious seafood, cheery songs and schnapps. Cherish the moment with your loved ones and spend the most relaxing rental motorhome holiday ever. 

Tighten up your seatbelts, put Abba on and start your quest in searching for the best golf court or clearest swimming waters!

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visiting sweden with a rental motorhome



From the lively cities to the calming atmosphere of rural regions, Latvia has much to offer!

Latvia is the pearl of the Baltics with iconic landscapes, ancient castles and untouched nature. The rural scenery just minutes away from the lively city center creates a contrast like no other.

With just a 20 minute drive from the nation’s capital Riga, you can find the exceptional beach resort of Jurmala. Lay back on the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea or immerse yourself in the silence of the fresh, clean Baltic Nature. Start your journey through the Baltics from the Touring Cars rental station in Riga - Your motorhome holiday in the Baltic region is guaranteed to be memorable!

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Aerial View over the Turaida Castle in SIgulda Latvia



Glaciers, lavafields and hot springs: Experience Iceland, the land before time

This piece of land in the far corner of Europe is covered with glaciers, lava fields and hot springs and stands out from more familiar sceneries. Touring Cars motorhome rental is an easy option if one wants to take Icelandic hot baths, go for a horse ride and be amused by the beat of the Iceland´s capital city, Reykjavik. 

For a round trip along the whole island, make sure to book a slightly longer motorhome rental and navigate your RV to Route 1. As a Touring Cars guest you are entitled to free pick-up and drop-off transfers between our motorhome rental station and Keflavik airport and nearby airport hotels.

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geysir in iceland



Breathtaking Fjord sceneries and relaxing by the Arctic sea

Norway is perhaps best known for its magnificent fjord sceneries. A fully equipped rental motorhome enables you to experience more and will make your road trip not only the most memorable, but also the most comfortable one! 

Plan your campervan rental holiday route yourself or see our suggestions. Make sure to schedule time for whale or bird watching and relaxing on the edge of a mountain caressed by the Arctic sea hundreds of meters below. 

Remember to pack layers of clothing with you as the Nordic climate can be unpredictable even during the summertime.  

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norway fjord and mountains



Vast forests and thousands of remote beaches. Estonia is a perfect destination to explore with a rental RV

Camper rental in Estonia guarantees memories that last for a life time. Over half of Estonia´s territory is covered with forest. Together with hundreds of tiny inhabited islands and thousands of remote beaches that are excellent for camping, Estonia is a great place for a family holiday. Camper rental is the perfect way to explore this beautiful holiday destination. 

In addition to its unspoiled nature Estonia has really exciting and unique sights that you cannot find elsewhere. Diverse cultural background, four different seasons to experience and untouched nature together with friendly atmosphere guarantees all travellers a memorable camper rental holiday.

The only place not to visit in early spring is the large area of Soomaa National park that becomes flooded during this time of the year!

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visiting a beach in estonia with a rental motorhome



Thousands of glittering lakes guarantee an amazing RV rental holiday experience

Motorhome hire is an ideal way of seeing all four different regions of Finland. Start your motorhome adventure either from the capital city, Helsinki from the South or from the capital of the North, Rovaniemi. On your way you will see mesmerizing glittering lakes, one of the largest archipelagos of the world and magical Lappland, the home of Sami people and Santa Claus. 

Remember to enjoy our Scandinavian freedom to roam (Everyman´s right) by which you may stop by the prettiest scenery, stay overnight in the midst of nature, swim in a lake, pick up berries and mushrooms and hike anywhere in nature as much as you want. 

This is the holiday destination of culture and peace of mind! 

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Finnish lake



Russia, the largest nation on the planet, is definitely monumental and like no other place to visit in more ways than one. 

The big metropolises of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg are packed with art, history, great cuisine and vibrant nightlife. Away from the buzz of the cities lies an immense range of natural beauty and sights to see from the snow-covered Siberian holiday resorts to the subtropic Sochi with it’s seaside mountains. The country has been wrapped in mystery for a long time and it’s all part of the charm as indicated by a massive, ever-increasing number of tourists choose Russia as their holiday destination. Starting from our Moscow station, motorhoming is the most convenient way to experience everything that Russia has to offer.

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