Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to see you on our website. Below you can find our frequently asked questions. Note that if you cannot find the answer to your question below we are more than happy to assist you via chat. We hope to see you soon as our customer! 

Q: Can I drive a motorhome with a regular driving license?

A: Yes. The motorhome weights less than 3.5 T which means you are able to drive the motorhome with the regular license that is or equals the European license B.  Our motorhomes are new and easy to drive even if you are not used to driving a large vehicle. Our team will happily assist you with the vehicle and answer all your questions. Do not worry, a motorhome holiday is a great option for everyone.


Q: Can I rent a motorhome from another country than where I live?

A: Yes, we provide you with a hotel room on wheels! Motorhome vacation is a great option to consider if you enjoy exploring the attractions. We have stations in Iceland, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Spain and UK.


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Q: What if we accidentally damage the vehicle?

A: Sometimes these unplanned accidents happen. We have different packages to choose from to add safety to your trip. We strongly recommend at least Windshield and Tyre protection. Here are the categories to choose from:


TC Plus - 1200 € deductible, 9 € / day

TC Premium - 600 € deductible, 19 € / day

TC Total - 0 € deductible (one damage, in case several TC Premium deductible), 49 € / day

Windshield and tire protection, 7 € / day

Q: How to choose the right vehicle category?

A: Our motorhomes accommodates 2-6 people. First, narrow your options by choosing the category that has enough accommodation units for your entourage.  Van is a great choice for couples for shorter holidays while Small category motorhome is more convenient for longer trips. A medium category is a great option for 4 people. Large and Family are convenient for bigger entourage and families up to 6 people.  Note that you are able to upgrade Medium category motorhome to Luxury. 

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Q: Can I camp anywhere with the camper? 

A: This depends on the country you choose to spend your holiday in. Scandinavia has a law called everyman's rights, which allow you to enjoy the nature and camping basically anywhere, but note that driving a vehicle in a privately owned area without a landlord's permission is not permitted. The station will give you more information about the recommended camping sites and the restrictions and local laws so you do not have to worry about these matters.  Our 24/7 phone is also helpful if you need assistant during your holiday. 

Q: Can I book a one-way trip?

A: Yes. Ultimately one-way rents are a really good option if you want to explore more than one destination on your trip. Please note that we have an extra one-way fee that will be added to the renting price.

One-way rentals include 2 bottles of gas and priority rental checkout and post rental check-up. One-way fees and availability are dependent on the location, and the one-way fee is included in the rental total shown on the online booking engine, if applicable.

Q: Is motorhome holiday an option for a person in a wheelchair?

A: Unfortunately, regular size wheelchair does not fit inside the motorhome's living area. We have had customers that have stored the wheelchair in the motorhome's stowage while driving, but this means that the person in wheelchair needs assistance inside the vehicle.  

Q: How long will the gas bottle last and what should I do if the gas runs out?

A: The gas bottle lasts well in a warm environment if you use it only for example to cook.  During the winter in Scandinavia, for example, the weather gets really cold and the motorhome is kept warm with the gas. In this environment, a bottle can empty in a day. Running out of gas is not a problem! You can purchase gas bottles i.e. replace your empty gas bottle to a full one at most of the gas stations. 



Q: How long does toilet chemical last?

A: If you are travelling less than 14 days, one bottle of toilet chemical is enough for your whole trip.

Q: How long is the minimum rental period?

A: Touring Cars has no minimum rental period.

Q: Can I cross country borders with the motorhome?

A: Most of the countries are fine to enter if the station and/or Touring Cars team know your travelling plan well advanced. Please note that some of the countries in Europe are still on the no-go list. Please contact the Touring Cars team via chat to confirm your travelling plan.

Q: Can you deliver the vehicle to a hotel I'm staying?

A: Unfortunately our policy does not allow us to deliver the motorhome to your hotel. All the pickups and drop-offs are done at the station's premises. 

Q: Do you collaborate with bloggers etc.?

A: We get a lot of requests to collaborate and due to the amount of request we usually unfortunately past the opportunity to collaborate. If you have a great idea or you feel that your audience resonates greatly with our product then we might consider collaboration.

Q: Do I need to pay the whole amount when booking or just a deposit?

A: Please note that we do not take deposits. You need to pay the total rent when booking.

Q: What kind of electricity can I use?

A: 240 volts are only available when the vehicle is connected to an external source of power such as camping site’s electricity socket. 
12 volts are available from the USB ports provided inside the motorhome only while the motorhome’s engine is running.

Q: Is the VIP transfer free?

A: VIP Transfers are free from 8 am to 6 pm. Please note that VIP transfers are available also outside the office hours with extra surcharge. Our representative will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign 30 minutes after your flight’s expected landing time.