Cancellation Policy


Touring Cars is at core to provide you the most enjoyable and careless holiday as possible. The most comfortable and smoothiest way to travel is at the greatest majority of the rental company. Private request and inquiries are made with a special personalized matter. In such cancellation occasions, please contact Touring Cars International Sales Office.

In case of cancellation or shortening confirmed reservations, the following charges will be applied as follows from value of the motorhome holiday:

  • Minimum of 200 €/ 2000 NOK/ 2000 SEK / 200 GBP will be charged if a confirmed booking is cancelled
  • 29 days to 22 days prior to departure: 25 % of the total amount
  • 21 days to 16 days prior to departure: 50 %
  • 15 days to 1 day prior to departure: 100 %
  • Departure day or no-show: 100 %

Touring Cars reserves the right to instantly release and resell the reserved motorhome upon receiving the information about a no-show or receiving the definitive cancellation. 

General rental terms and conditions


In case of an accident please inform Touring Cars motorhome rental station immediately. If other parties are involved, make sure to have a full insurance form filled in with signatures and police report if available.

To avoid such rare circumstances, please, have a look at the General Motorhome Rental Info page, which fully describes the process before and prior departures. 

Guide For Motorhome Rentals