This route takes you from the capital of Spain to one of the most loved cities in the world!  Enjoy the genuine Spanish food, architecture, art and history on this magnificent route from Madrid to Barcelona.

1. Madrid

Madrid is the starting point of this beautiful route. Rent your luxurious motorhome from our Madrid station and start you Spanish extravaganza!
Madrid is a hectic metropolis that is known for the lovely and friendly people. The city has a vivid nightlife and it is a spectacular art scene. Try the world-famous calamari sandwiches while admiring the city's remarkable architecture. Fashion addicts might like to visit the world's biggest Zara while movie enthusiast might want to try Europe's biggest drive-in cinema. The Sobrino de Botín tavern built in 1725 is the world´s oldest still serving restaurant. 

2. Alcalá de Henares

After exploring Madrid it is time to head to the next destination. This world heritage city was the hometown of Don Quixote writer Miguel de Cervantes. The city is culture lovers paradise conveniently located just 35 km northeast of Madrid.



3. Alcázar de Segovia

One of the most spectacular castles in Spain is just a roughly 100 km from Madrid and 2 hours drive from Alcalá de Henares. This is one of the most visited castle attractions in Spain. The castle was built as a fortress, but it has also served as a royal palace and even as a state prison. Today it serves as a museum and a military archive. This spectacular venue is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4. Burgos

The historical capital of Castile is the next stop on the route. Burgos was founded in 884 and it has many historical landmarks, one of them being the  UNESCO World Heritage site Cathedral of Burgos. The drive from Alcázar de Segovia to Burgos is little over 2 hours.  We strongly suggest visiting in the Museum of Human Evolution that opened its doors to visitors in 2010.

5. Bilbao, San Sebastián and Zaragoza

Depending on the length of your holiday you can choose to drive directly to Zaragosa or pay a visit to Bilbao and San Sebastián first. The city of Bilbao is located in the Northern edge of the Iberian Peninsula and the Nervión river runs through the city.  Bilbao is a world known art city mainly because of the Guggenheim museum that was built on the bank of the river and opened to the public in 1997.

Camp in the area's multiple great camping options such as Camping Igueldo located in San Sebastián. San Sebastián is a culinary paradise, and well known for the Basque charm. Beaches and mountainous surroundings make this beautiful city one of the most diverse cities in South Europe. 

Zaragoza's top destination is the Basilica of Nuestra Señora del Pilar and the Puente de Piedra bridge on the Ebro River. The attraction complex is beautiful especially during the sunset. Sightseeing Zaragoza's other spectacular attractions is quite easy; just follow the river bank and you will stumble across the Lonja, La Seo and the Cathedral of San Salvador.


6. Barcelona

The last destination on this route is Barcelona. Barcelona has everything: beaches and lively city life hence it is one of the most visited destinations in Europe. Around 30 million people visited the city in the year 2017.  If the hectic city life is not what you are looking for then try the areas around Barcelona city such as Costa Brava. This lovely area is perfect for the enjoyable moments by the sea. Just relax and enjoy the turquoise water, beautiful landscape, genuine Spanish atmosphere and an amazing food.



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