Norway is perhaps best known for her breathtaking fjord sceneries. Campervan rental and fully equipped motorhome enables you to experience more and will make your road trip not only the most memorable one but also the most comfortable one! Plan your campervan rental holiday and route yourself or see our suggestions. Make sure to schedule time for whale or bird watching and relaxing on an edge of a mountain caressed by the Arctic sea hundreds of meters below. Remember to pack layers of clothing with you as Nordic climate can be unpredictable one even in the summertime.  



1. Lofoten Islands

You campervan rental in Norway should include a visit to the Lofoten Islands. These islands were rated the third most appealing islands in the world. This incredible place is located just above the arctic circle and holds amazing nature attractions and cosy fishing villages. Eventhough its on the same latitude as Alaska or Greenland is has much milder climate. This is due to the warmth of the Gulf Stream. This is also the reason why it is here where you have the largest number of nesting birds in Norway. We would recommend to keep your camera batteries charged. This is the place where you will record your most amazing wildlife pictures. 

2. Geiranger fjord

Snow-covered mountains, waterfalls and stunning deep blue Geiranger fjord. This is what you should not miss on your Norwegian campervan rental adventure. Park your rental camper for a day or two and hike in beautiful fjord landscape, do kayaking on the Geirange fjord or take a sighseeing cruise on board of many local sightseeing boats. There are also brilliant fishing opportunities that can be combined with a hiking experience.   

3. Trolstigen

Take the most well known National Tourist Route from Geiranger towards Trollstigen. Choosing this route your campervan rental experience will be spoiled with postcard like sceneries, tens and tens of waterfalls, deep fjords and romantic local villages. The Trollstigen itself is really steep mountain road with 9 percent incline and 11 hairpin bends. There is a platform on top of the Trollstigen where you can enjoy the magnificent views and take pictures of this unique scenery.

4. Sognefjord 

This is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway located in the middle of fjord area. Similar to Geiranger, there are lots of outdoor activities available including cycling to the Boyabreen glacier, hiking, fishing, fjord safaris etc. In Gudvangen village you can visit real reconstructed Viking Village and smell the ancient fireplaces.

5. The Atlantic Road

Chosen by The Guardian, as one of the best road trips in the world this 8 km long stretch of road connecting the towns of Kristiansund and Molde offers sharp turns and astonishing natural sights. Bring your camera and empty memory card; you are going to need them!


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