Motorhome rental in Sweden offers almost endless opportunities to do and see!

Choose your holiday route with a rental motorhome to go through the historical cities in the South and experience the true maritime culture with the white sandy beaches and colourful villages. For a little bit of excitement on your motorhome rental holiday, park your beautiful camper for a day and visit one of the various amusement parks or zoos.  Swedish culture is full of joyful feasts such as Midsummer and Crayfish parties that are the highlight of the late summer with delicious seafood, cheery songs and schnapps. Cherish the moment with your loved ones and spend the most relaxing rental motorhome holiday ever. Tight up your seat belts, put Abba music on and start your quest in searching the best golf court, most relaxing surroundings in the forests or the most idyllic coastline of archipelago and the clearest swimming waters!



Stockholm Arlanda (ARN), Sweden
Malmö Airport (MMX), Sweden

Flying to Stockholm or Malmö?  If you arrive by airplane, we’ll pick you up at Stockholm Arlanda or Malmö Airport depending which is the nearest and take you to our depot, where we’ll get you familiar with your beautiful rental motorhome. After returning your motorhome at our rental station, we’ll provide you with a free transportation back to the airport.

Copenhagen, Denmark
You can also take your flight to Copenhagen (CPH) in Denmark due to fact the the distance to our rental Station in Malmö is only 30km from Copenhagen and there is a regular low cost train connection to a local train station called Hyllien right at Touring Cars´doorstep. 

airport in sweden






City of Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. Located on the Western coast, on the shores of the North Sea, Göteborg is ranked on almost every list you can find as a top destination to visit, if you are visiting Sweden. So be sure to include this Western gem in your motorhome rental holiday plans!

The list of sights, events and things to see in Gothenburg is far too long to cover completely. Museums, medieval fortresses, theatres and even the small streets of Gothenburg or the neighbouring town of Haga are an astonishingly beautiful representation of the royal history in Sweden. And if the history of the nation is not your cup of tea, the amusement parks, shopping centres and the surrounding Western archipelago is guaranteed to have some treats for you as well.


visiting gothenburg with a rental motorhome



Not far from the Touring Cars Stockholm motorhome rental station is located the historical town of Sigtuna. The idyllic town with narrow streets and low wooden houses was found on the shores of Lake Mälaren over a thousand years ago so its actually the very first town in Sweden. 

If you´re looking for authenticity, this is as authentic as it gets in terms of scandinavian surroundings and culture. Sigtuna, formerly the capital of Sweden, is an epitome of Swedish history. Its museums display Sweden's first coin from 9th century, and Sigtuna's Viking, the only picture of a Viking painted by a person of that era. After walking around those beautiful idyllic streets, just sit down, relax and enjoy the greatest Swedish delights of local restaurants. 


visiting sigtuna with a rental motorhome



Sarek National Park is a part of the Lapponia area in the Northern Sweden, and is included in the World Heritage list for its astonishing cultural and natural properties. The spectacular Rapadalen river deltas, mountain peaks reaching over 2000 meters and hundreds of glaziers are sights you will remember! If you´re lucky you can also catch site of bears, wolverines, lynx and large elks. 

In Sarek the midnight sun lights the days of the Saami people, who have lived under clear blue skies and the fresh Arctic winds from the beginning of time. One of the most interesting cultural and also one of the most romantic places in Swedish Lapponia can be found in Álggavárre (Alkavare). This is the home of one of the most remote and unique churches in Scandinavia. 


visiting sarek national park with a rental motorhome



Every motorhome rental adventure in Sweden should include a stop over in Visby. The medieval town of Visby is located on the island of Gotland, south east of Sweden in the Baltic sea. Taking you rental motorhome here requires a short ferry trip from the mainland but its definitely worth taking.

The era and the spirit of the Hansa merchants and seafarers is still present in this small town with a true Scandinavian atmosphere. Visby city is said to be the best preserved medieval city in the whole Scandinavia. As a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, the city lives on to its traditions: typical architecture for the north added with the medieval town wall and a number of church ruins offer a peek to an authentic and rustic lifestyle of Scandinavians. 


visiting visby with a rental motorhome



Heading your rental motorhome to Swedish archipelago can one of the most rewarding parts of your motorhome adventure. Swedish archipelago is made up of tens of thousands of idyllic islands offering endless possibilities for holiday makers to find their piece of paradise for bathing, barbecuing and other activities. 

One of the most popular places for Swedish people, including the royal family, to go on their holiday can be also found from the Swedish archipelago. Öland is the biggest island of the south coast archipelago and easily accessible with a rental motorhome thanks to road bridge connecting it to the mainland.  White beaches with shallow waters together with iconic windmills and ancient sites makes this post card like place perfect to spend a day or two on your rental motorhome journey. Öland has a great variety of activities for the entire family from UNESCO World Heritage sites to Animal and Amusement parks. 


visiting the swedish archipelago with a rental motorhome



Amazing motorhome rental adventure in Sweden for 7 days, including a well-equipped motorhome with unlimited mileage, airport transfers, TC Basic insurance, 24-hour support and a lot more, starting from only 5250 SEK + base charge. 


Please note that minimum driver age in Sweden in our rental motorhomes is 19 years and minimum of 1 year of driving experience.





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