Favoured rental camper holiday destination 

Mixed landscapes, no time frames, mixed cultures, freedom to chosee your daily destination and endless possibilities for outdoor activities; this is why rental camper holiday in Spain is guaranteed to be unforgettable. From turquoise-coloured water and lush green areas to the rough terrain of Sierra Nevada; Spain has it all and rental camper is perfect way to experience them because your rental camper gets you to try a bit of everything this camper friendly country has to offer. Add guitar music, exquisite food culture and perfect sunny weather and the holiday setting could not be any better.

Spain´s rich history ensures there is plenty of vast monuments to visit and historical sites to see. Spain has also long traditions in wine production. Spain is one of the biggest wine producer countries in the world so there are great opportunities to visit some of the wine yards and taste the famous sparkling wine Cava or Tinto Fino made from the most planted red grape Tempranillo. Spanish wineries also age their wine in oak barrels so you get to taste cellared wines that have ages to the point of tasting their best!

Best of Spain is between the big cities so rental camper is perfect way to experience them

Touring Cars has several camper rental stations in Spain so you can start your adventure closer to the area you wish to explore saving you time and money. Start your camper rental holiday from Madrid, the dreamy Spanish capital where football and nightlife share the throne or by exploring the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Malaga in the South. We also have a camper hire station in the ultimate must see destination in Barcelona, south-east of Spain. However, the best of Spain is between the big cities, and around the corners. Fortunately, you’ll have a rental camper to explore every corner of this country.


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Starting your camper rental road trip in Madrid, Malaga or Barcelona? If you arrive by airplane, we’ll pick you up at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport (MAD), Aueropuerto de Màlaga Costa Del Sol (AGP) or Aeropuerto de Barcelona -El Prat (BCN) depending which is the nearest and take you to our depot, where we’ll get you familiar with your beautiful rental camper. After returning your camper at our rental station, we’ll provide you with a free transportation back to the airport. 

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One of many must see places in Spain worth adding to your rental camper road trip itinerary is Cordoba. Cordoba is an exotic destination, even for local people. Colourful history and influences from the Arabic cultures reflect not just the architecture, but to the mystic ambiance of this area. Probably the most visited attraction in the area is the Mezquita (Spanish for Mosque) of Cordoba. It's one of the largest Islamic mosques in the world, and reflects many religious changes this area has undergone. Its hundreds of gigantic arches are truly impressive and makes the visit worthwhile. Another place to stop is the Alcazar castle, with its grand gardens and high walls. This former residence of Christian monarchs, site of the courts of the holy offices and later even a prison, represents a perfect image of Cordoban architecture through the ages. 


visiting cordoba with a rental motorhome


Highways are mostly free so traveling from place to another with a rental camper is perfect and convenient travel mode in Spain. Another great destination suggestion is the autonomous community of the Basque Country. The largest city of Basque Country is Bilbao. The city is vigorous and many travellers come here to visit the Guggenheim art museum. This city also has a venerable dining scene and stunning landscapes. Bilbao is definitely one of the great treasures of the basque country. 

visiting guggenheim in bilbao with rental motorhome


If you visit Bilbao then you should definitely plan a stop on your rental camper adventure at this beautiful natural location too. Like the entire Spain, this area offers a bit of everything from beautiful beaches to inland mountains and the green lush valleys between. The oceanic climate ensures that this part of Spain is called Green Spain. The flora is diversified and particularly lusher than in the other parts of Spain. One of many great places to visit is the Cuevas de Monte Castillo. These caves are declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO mostly because they are the home of the oldest cave paintings in the whole of Europe dating from about 34 000 BC.

beaches is santander the capital of cantabria province



One of the great  benefits of having a rental camper holiday is that you will visit authentic places you would not have easy access otherwise; like Casares. This picturesque, whitewashed village only has a population of three thousand inhabitants, and yet it is one of the most beautiful places you will visit. This stunning small village is set in a mountainous landscape, with spectacular views to the Mediterranean sea and the North African coastline. The streets are narrow and steep, providing a real, authentic mediterranean village experience for all Touring Cars guests.  Park your rental camper at the top of the village and take a short hike in the surroundings, filled with delightful flora and fauna. This is also a fantastic place to visit local taverns and taste typical cuisine of the Costa del Sol and the Malaga region with lots of seafood, meat on the grill, chorizo sausages, green peppers and lots of more. 


visiting casares with a rental camper


Pristine empty beaches and one of the most beautiful national parks to explore, Huelva is considered as the mysterious corner of South-West Spain. This area is an area you want to see if you value unspoiled nature.  The eastern side is dominated by the Donana, the biggest protected marshlands in Spain, with virgin beaches and high dunes. On the west, you can see the small fishing villages, with local taverns providing an amazing selection of local delicacies.

visiting huelva marsh with rental camper



Postcard-like sceneries and a great ambiance. The city of Seville, and especially the old town, is full of stunning cobblestone streets, with old-fashioned street lamps creating an unforgettable atmosphere. White-washed houses, with colourful patios and picturesque plazas with tens of cafés, provide an excellent setting for a perfect afternoon. Park your rental camper for a while and take a ride on a horse-drawn carriage through the winding alleys and taste the local delicacies at the Plaza de Espana square. This is one of Seville's most impressive landmark, because of its scale and grandeur. This very impressive plaza covers an over 50,000 square-meter area, surrounded by Renaissance-style buildings and complemented by a canal flowing under the several footbridges. This "Venice of Seville" is one of the most romantic settings you will ever visit. 


visiting seville with rental camper


This paradise on the Mediterranean is still one of the only places free of mass tourism. This is where you will find the clearest and bluest water of the Mediterranean, and the softest sand for your toes. In other words, this is the perfect area for any outdoor activities, from swimming to hiking. This is Andalucia's largest protected area, which holds some of Europes´s most original geological features: extensive coral reefs and tiny rocky islands teeming wildlife. This piece of paradise is considered as a subtropical desert and is the driest place in Europe. 

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Motorhome rental adventure for 7 days in Spain, including a well-equipped motorhome with unlimited mileage, airport transfers, TC Basic insurance, 24-hour support and a lot more, starting from only 490€ + base charge. 


Please note that minimum driver age in Madrid and Barcelona in our rental motorhomes is 21 year and minimum of 3 years of driving experience. Malaga rental station requires a minimum age of 25 from all rental clients and 2 years of driving experience. 

Notice local restrictions:

  • Optional purchases for a rental motorhome varies in each destination. In compliance with the current fire prevention law in Spain, which prohibits the use of portable barbeques, the BBQ set is not available from our Spanish Touring Cars stations. It will be replaced with a complementary amenity. Additionally, local entrepreneurs may provide other extra items for local rentals. Those items can purchased on-site only. 


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