Explore true Russia among the first motorhome travellers!

Russia is a mixture of picturesque metropolises, history, art and tasty cuisines. But this exciting holiday destination offers you also endless possibilities to explore natural quiet sites and genuine countryside. Starting from our Moscow station, motorhoming is safe and the most convenient way to experience everything that Russia, this mystery wrapped country has to offer.

The country has been wrapped in mystery for a long time and it’s all part of the charm as indicated by a massive, ever-increasing number of tourists choose Russia as their holiday destination.

Our fully equipped, self-contained rental motorhomes and 24-hour high quality Touring Car local support services guarantee a stress-free holiday for all Touring Cars guests. This a amazing location to start a motorhome holiday tour and an adventure of a lifetime! 

Holiday destination requires a visa. For a short-term visit, you can easily apply for Russia eVisa. Please visit Please note that minimum driver age in Russia in our rental motorhomes is 25 years and minimum of 3 years of driving experience.

Minimum driver age: 25 years
Minimum driving experience: 3 years


Unforgettable camper holiday in the biggest country on the globe.

Vehicle available in Moscow station from April 15th 2020!



Free airport transfer is included to all rental prices. Touring Cars representative will meet you in the arrivals hall in Šeremetjevo International Airport (SVO). Default pick up time for the rentals in Moscow will be 45 minutes after landing. Our driver will take you to the rental station which is located a short drive away from the airport terminal. Transfers are also available from Vnukovo and Domodedovo International airports. These transfers are subject to service fees. Free transfer is also offered if your´re staying overnight in one of the hotels at the Šeremetjevo airport.




At Touring Cars motorhome rental station you will get a full personal orientation to your beautiful rental camper. This is also your opportunity to ask questions and get the latest tips on local customs. 

After returning your camper at our rental station, we’ll provide you with a free transportation back to the airport.

Šeremetjevo Airport (SVO) from Touring Cars Russia Rental Station:

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Touring Cars Russia offers additional transfer services from the airport, airport based hotels and Leningradskiy Train Station as well. Kind greetings and friendly welcoming words will greet you at the main entrance. Request the transfer either from the rental station or contact the International Sales Office prior to your departure. 


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There are many types of folk crafts in Russia which makes the country very rich on different souvenirs. Everyone knows Matryoshka doll with 5 or 6 of smaller size sisters hidden inside. Now, Matryoshkas are made both in traditional and unconventional way: with faces of pop stars, politicians and cartoon characters.

Painted Russian dishes are also very expressive. It can be made of wood, porcelain or ceramics. The best-known varieties are Khokhloma (wooden dishes painted with flowers and berries in black, red and gold colors) and Gzhel (snow-white porcelain painted with blue). Another lovely and useful souvenir is big Russian shawls with traditional bright pictures (or warm with lace). They can be in different sizes: from 50 x 50 cm to 120 x 120 cm. The most popular and colourings are woolen Pavlovo-posadsky shawls. They can be used as a cover for the head or shoulders, which will be a very interesting and warming accessory to any dress.


Matryoshka dolls



Whether your holiday´s major agenda is to discover the rustic nature reserves or to be part of the local atmosphere. The luxury motorhome rental provides the opportunity of freedom. Taking your holiday easy or dedicated to the active sightseeing, it is more to recommended charging the batteries for a day or two, so afterwards, the trip to the most outstanding sights of Russia can be highly enjoyable.

 Along 49 campsites across Russia presents itself in which greatly suitable for motorhome enthusiasts and for leisure activities as well. Depending on your schedule and planned route, these campsites surrounded by the nature with a price range of 10 € up to 40 €/night. Tennis courts, outdoor swimming pools, beach, gym, hiking possibilities and bicycle rentals are awaits its visitors.





Include Colomna Campsite to your Russian traveling itinerary and enjoy the finest entertainments that the camping site could offer. Tennis court to play during your relaxing motorhome holiday, outdoor swimming pool, as much restaurants as one could not imagine to taste the local cuisine, football field and possibilities for outdoor exercises. 

Colomna Campsite from Touring Cars Moscow Rental Station:

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Everyone who visited Russia at the World Cup in 2018 were enormously impressed by the warm welcome, a safe and comfortable stay in all participating cities.Tremendous work carried out to build the infrastructure and create all conditions for a wonderful holiday. You will have a wonderful advantage over the fans - by renting a motorhome. At Touring Cars Moscow you will be absolutely free to choose a route for your trip to Russia.
Indeed, Russia primarily attracts foreign visitors with its rich history and culture, beautiful and unique natural sites, delicious local food and a variety of points of attraction. Starting your journey from Moscow or St. Petersburg, enjoy the opportunities for the impressions that the largest country in the world can give!








Welcome to the city which became the winner of 2019 in the nomination and proud to serve as “The best tourist destination. WTA City”. Diverse culture and history, breathtaking art, exceptional cuisine and thundering atmosphere leaves all Touring Cars motorhome travelers speechless. 

Moscow is a place that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime! One of the most dynamic megalopolises in the world, a city buried in verdure of beautiful parks, architecture that has no analogues in the world, Russian ballet, theaters and museums that store treasures of world culture.
Leave your motorhome at a campsite in Sokolniki park
the city center and enjoy one of the most modern transport systems in the world. A variety of cuisines from around the world, entertainment and shopping for any taste - Moscow will not leave you indifferent!





Back in the early XIV century, Tver was one of the most important Russian cities. Crafts were flourishing here and thanks to its favorable geographical location, the city became a hub of trade between the East and the West. In 1468, the famous traveler Afanasy Nikitin left Tver to embark on his historic journey. The architectural appearance of the city was shaped by famous Russian architects: K.I. Rossi, M.F. Kazakov, P.R. Nikitin and others. Wandering the Tver streets, you’ll come across the buildings made in different architectural styles: baroque, classicism, constructivism, Stalinist Empire style and others.




This old Russian city is located by the famous Volga river.City is full of historical and cultural attractions such as the church of the White Trinity and the imperial road palace. The seafront here is stunning with its traditional picturesque local housing. Best way to experience river Volga is to have a romantic boat trip along this great river.

Tver from Touring Cars Russia Rental Station:

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Did you know that Russia offers the greatest untouched, yet crazy amount of Nature Parks? This country has true hidden natural gems to discover.  Along 46 national parks available from the snow-covered ice shelters to the mystical city centers of Russia and their number grows every year! For instance, these phenomenal National Parks are truly versatile! These sanctuaries allows you to admire intact flora and fauna, mesmerize the eroded surfaces of Ural landscapes, and leaves you speechless with its historic elements.


siberia nature park


Beside the beauties of nature, precious architectural masterpieces harmonically fit into the natural landscape in which preserved. Both types of the parks are notable for their peculiar “wildness”. For the authenticity of environment and the feeling of merging with nature Russian national parks have few equals in the world.

The infrastructure of national parks is well developed as it is offers several hotel establishments, tent towns or cottages for rent. Take an excursions around the park which initially available to the visitors and exceptionally provides versatile routes for independent travelers.




The National Park Valdai is an island of wildlife between two megalopolises: Moscow and St- Petersburg. This UNESCO listed area is a combination of many different forests and lakes just perfect for camping.  Visit Valdai Iversky monastery or take one of many well marked trails. This area has also interesting history so it’s not only for the wildlife enthusiasts.

Valdain National Park from Touring Cars Russia Rental Station:

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valdai national park trees lake



Original, pacified and unusually friendly Novgorod clings tenaciously to its great past, which perfectly feeds the city budget. Here they know how to meet and greet any guest, using the national flavor as skillful self-promotion, and the creations of ancient Russian architects as an aesthetic bait. However, the Father of Russian Cities is not glorious in single architecture. Historical and art museums, theaters, magnificent parks and the endless ultramarine surface of Lake Ilmen. All these alternative “locations” are no less popular with tourists than the famous Novgorod Kremlin.




Novgorod is said to be the birthplace of Russia. Its home of the Russian’s soul and offers any holiday maker an authentic Russian culture and touch to the living history, even more ancient than Russia itself. Take a swim in the legendary Volkhov river that used to be the main medieval waterway between the Varangians to Greeks.  Immerse yourself to Russian culture by strolling along the ancient streets and admiring the treasures of Russian architecture.

Novgorod from Touring Cars Russia Rental Station:

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Grandeur, beauty and history alone ensures that this city will not fail to amaze you. Majestic historical buildings are perfectly preserved and waiting for you to take their picture. One of the most well-known palaces in St. Petersburg is probably the Winter Palace but there are so many places with a rich history boasting with fine arts from paintings to fabrics that you´ll begin to wish you would have double the time to explore them all. In addition to great museums visit the Palace Square and have a local pancake in a humble café by the square. 

St. Petersburg from Touring Cars Russia Rental Station:

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Pskov is one of the oldest cities in Russia. The city was founded at the beginning of the 10th century and is famous for the whole scattering of Russian medieval monuments of history, culture and architecture of the 12-17th centuries. Pskov is a city with many magnificent ancient churches and an impressive fortress with powerful walls and towers, in the structure of which its core stands out - Krom or the Kremlin.




This is a place with an amazing concentration of ancient attractions that “breathes” calm and a thousand-year history. Pskov is known as the city behind the five walls and it’s the largest stone fortress in Europe. Its surrounded by five stone rings that were built to protect this grand fortress from its enemies.  Today it’s a unique monument of Russian defence architecture. Whilst in Pskov you should try one of the famous local dishes that you can’t find elsewhere; grilled walleye catched from the lake. Plan to stay overnight due to fact that this dish is served with a rye vodka infused with hemp!

Pskov from Touring Cars Russia Rental Station:

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City of Velikiye Luki is located by the Lovat River and it has a great history. This great city to be explored by a rental motorhome is well known from the courage and heroism of its citizens during the World War II. It’s no surprise that one of the most visited local attractions related to this heroism include the Obelisk of Glory. This green city offers a great possibility to have a fun day out with the family.

Velikiye Luki from Touring Cars Russia Rental Station:

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Sokolnoki Camp Site from Touring Cars Russia Rental Station:

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Sergiev-Posad, Moscow region from Touring Cars Russia Rental Station:

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Suzdal GTK, Vladimir region from Touring Cars Russia Rental Station:

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