Probably the most versatile rental motorhome holiday awaits you in France!

Without a doubt, driving a rental motorhome in France is probably one of the most rewarding holiday experiences you will have. This truly unique adventure you are about to have with a rental camper offers you some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world, great scents from orchards and vineyards, amazing castles straight out of a fairy-tale and hundreds of beautiful picturesque villages to have that world famous cafe-au-lait with a warm croissant. Whether you wish to see the iconic monuments in Paris or find some great activities for all of you, rental motorhome is perfect option for experiencing what France has to offer! 

France is also a great place to rent a motorhome because France does not restrict overnight stays to designated campsites only so you have the freedom to stop at many great stunningly beautiful spots and relax in the comfort of your luxurious rental motorhome.

Touring Cars rental station in the perfect location

You are spoiled with options to see in France and if you have the time you can drive from coast to coast exploring but if you only have a limited time to use for your adventure but you still want to see the best pieces of this amazing country, Touring Cars´ motorhome rental station in Nantes serves you perfectly. Our rental station is perfectly located within a short drive to many of the most well known sites in France such as the world famous abbey of Mont Saint Michel and the Normandy landing beaches with great historical value. It is literally in the middle of the Loire Valley which is one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of France. Even Paris is only few hours drive away. 

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NANTES AIRPORT (NTE), 44346 Bouguenais, France

If you arrive by airplane, we’ll meet you in the arrivals hall in Nantes Airport (NTE). After a short free of charge transfer to our rental station you will be given a full personal orientation to your beautiful rental motorhome together with the latest tips on local customs. After returning your camper van at our rental station, we’ll provide you with a free transportation back to the airport. 

visiting cordoba with a rental motorhome





Probably one of the most important elements of a rental motorhome trip in France is the local cuisine. Start your mornings with freshly baked croissants and have a crunchy baguette with every meal. French kitchen is famous for numerous dishes known world wide and now you can taste all of them in an authentic setting.  A true gastronomist may sample the excellent cuisine at the Dijon Gastronomy Fair, travel to Normandy for the Herring Festival in Dieppe or delve into the food culture of the of Loire Valley, a hub for all things related to French food. According to the French, no meal is complete without wine, so you may wish to partake in the annual release festivals of the Beaujolais Nouveau wines. For Champagne lovers we advice you to take your rental motorhome through the Champagne region and its capital; Rheims. This is where you have the possibility to discover the cellars of some of the most famous Champagne fields and of course taste the best Champagne in the world.


enjoying champagne ona motorhome trip



For enthusiasts of medieval to modern architecture, France has much to offer. In fact you will be spoiled with options. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the world's most famous landmarks, thus it is naturally one of the must see monuments on your rental motorhome adventure. In Paris, you´ll probalby also pass many other well known attractions such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Montmartre, The Louvre and the basilica of the Sacré-Coeur; all impressive buildings worth visiting.  On the coast of Normandy, not too far away from Touring Cars motorhome rental location is  the magnificent Mont-Sant-Michel abbey, a marvel of medieval architecture. This magical historic monument is the most visited site of Normandy and easily accessible by your rental motorhome. Even more famous architectural miracle is the Castle of Versailles, also known as the Sun King´s palace. This amazing castle with its beautiful gardens truly is the grand landmark of the mid-17th century French monarchy. Another similar spectacular and well known castle is the Fontaineblau castle in the South-East of Paris. This castle was one of the favourite French kings' residences all the way from from François 1er to Napoléon III.  Even the driving you rental motorhome between these landmarks offers you tens of options to see.


visiting versailles palace with a rental motorhome



France is a country with super rich history.  There are numerous breathtaking monuments to see and rental motorhome is a great way to explore different sites with great historical value. Architecture and monuments varies from Roman-era ruins to post-World War II memorials. Immerse yourself in art museum of Louvre, home to the the esteemed Mona Lisa, along with many other famous pieces. Visit the Pantheon mausoleum where many of the France´s great minds like Voltaire, Rousseau and Victor Hugo are buried. Outside of he capital,  while traveling in the Southern France we suggest to stop in Nice. Town offers a multitude of activities and museums that have everything from classic 15th century paintings to modern artworks. Even next to our rental station In Nantes, Château des Ducs de Bretagne, pulses with history as the old seat of dukes from the 15th century. Most of the hundreds and hundreds of sites are easily within reach when travelling with a rental motorhome.


visiting louvre with a rental motorhome



For those who love to be outdoors, France holds an astonishing range of different natural wonders to experience. With your rental motorhome, you may travel to places ranging from the snowy mountain ranges of Mont Blanc to the grand river canyon Gorges du Verdon and the salt flats of Carmargue to the granite coast of Côte de Granit Rose. With such a variety in nature, it is virtually impossible to run out of places to visit.


mountainous landscape in france



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Please note that minimum driver age in France in our rental motorhomes is 23 years and minimum of 2 years of driving experience.

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