Welcome to one of the most immerse destination of 2020 combined with extraordinary seaside resort and surprisingly epic mountains with a mixture of epic history.

The country surely opens new possibilities for exotic motorhome camping enthusiasts who prefers to discover the unexpected and likely to surround oneself with fairy tale monuments. Fill the passport with another great experience of the year with your Touring Cars motorhome getaway!

Step into the remarkable areas of Black Sea and choose between the greatest picks for your next unforgettable holiday. Bulgaria is famous for the rustic & colorful bazaars, impressive architectural reservations, extraordinary underground caves, weeping lakes and crystal clear exclusive sea shores. Listen to the sound of wavering sea and breath the fresh taste of a paradise! The country offers the most enjoyable relaxing spas, picture-square ancient monuments combined with famous architecture design. Let the beauty shine through your day from a Bulgarian perspective. 

Minimum driver age requirement: 25 years
Minimum experience: 5 years
International Driving License with an attached original driving license accepted at Touring Cars Sofia. 



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If you arrive by airplane, a charm welcome will greet you at Sofia Airport (SOF) at info desk of Arrivals Hall. The meeting point at Terminal 1 and also Terminal 2 is located at the Arrival´s Hall. Just a short transfer to the rental station and your pickup procedure begins! After a great insight of your exclusive mobile home with a mixture of orientation and rental agreement, you will be ready to hit the exotic roads of Bulgaria!

Sofia Airport (SOF) from Touring Cars Sofia:

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Additional transfers are genuinely offered from Povliv Airport (PDV), Burgas Airport (BOJ) and Varna Airport (VAR). The additional transfers are prearranged and available only against a separate additional fee. 

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The rental station accepts payment methods such as Visa, Master Card, Debit Card and Cash. 





Explore Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. Sofia is not just about discovering the typical historic elements and getting lost at the closest bazaars. People will find a piece of their heart in this place. Only few kilometer away from the capital, mountains and glimmering lakes creates an authentic fairy tale with a mixture of a winter world. Would you love to skii, hike around a mountain or go to the beach side on your holiday? How about including both? Visit the colorful diversity of Vitosha Mountains and its snowy Cherni Vrah Peak. You will find a tiny cozy house built up in the peak. Try out the´Tea of the House´ which meant to greet you with you joy, as locals speak.

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Include the National Museum of History to your checklist to get a local touch of one of the millennia-old folk traditions. After being part of the history, we recommend stopping at the theatre of Ivan Vazov and ending your day at one of the Public Mineral Baths. It is not a coincidence why Sofia is so proud of its fresh, yet free mineral water springs. For instance, Sofia is also known of its National Opera and Ballet of Bulgaria which mixed with a bit of urban art on the streets. Family cruises around the capital and also younger generations will find the place to recharge the batteries and fill the pocket with enormous amount of great experience.



Exciting roman times recaptured from the history above rocky surroundings of Bulgaria. Indeed, the location is truly demanding destination for locals and as well, travelers who seeks for the unique perspectives and historical landmarks. Pack your camera along with your favorite comfy shoes and lets hit the rocky landmarks of Bulgaria! Spot the most peak point of the area, which is so called the Citadella! The atmosphere still remains of the history - three bastions and alcove canons can be seen along the fortress walls. 

Take a quick stop and captivate Magura Cave near Belogradchik where the rocks are filled with consequential paintings.



Find out how Rila Monastery was highly effectively present of the most social, yet spiritual event of Bulgaria. The monastery proudly represents and belongs as one of greatest sights of World Heritage List with its 29th century Slavic cultural identity. Our favorite national parks is Rila National Park, Urdini Ezera and Popovska Sjapka. Include these true hidden gems of Bulgaria and discover the tremendous landscapes filled with crystal clear lakes and adventurous mountains.



One can not regret taking a short hike to spot Krushuna´s famous waterfall to increase the number of engagements on their social media channel! Get the natural swimming pool to your bucket list with its extremely attractive color of water. Easily accessible, massive breath-taker attraction preserved by monks back in the centuries. Rare species of wild animals and interesting cave comfortably located from walking distance to the waterfall. Do not plan to visit the area during June and July, as the nature park is closed due to respect of nature and environment



Sunny beach and Nessebar! This sounds like paradise! Warm temperature, real beach atmosphere, the greatest international touristic atsmophere and the all-year summer. This are just few of the most crispy incredients that a Touring Cars all-exclusive motorhome travelers should include once of a lifetime!

Not many known Nessebar´s historic side. Gorgeous seaside resorts to majestic views to the landmark of a small town makes your trip fruitful. Find yourself in a remarkable neighborhood and collect your memories by the Black Sea all-year-round.

Find out why Nessebar is so proud of its Church architecture establishments and get a sneak peak of how the design transformed from the ancient to the modern by the years. Did you know that this is the place which started to produce silver and gold coins for the first time? Include a romantic walk as well by the coastline and do not hesitate to seek for local stories of the Old Town. 


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