Announcement for motorhome travelers

For almost 40 years, Touring Cars has been providing ‘Good Feelings’ getaway holidays in Europe with premium motorhomes. Currently we are operating in 12 different countries as a franchise network. Due-to the effect of COVID-19 epidemic, all markets, industries and consumers are in unexpected situation. Currently, many holiday journeys and plans are cancelled on personal reasons or due to the restrictions of local Government. Allow us to provide you with our latest announcement of travelling with Touring Cars motorhome in Europe. 


Touring Cars is closely monitoring the World Health Organization (WHO) and local health agencies for the latest developments related to the epidemic situation and following the guidance of government and public health officials. As regional situation and practices vary every day, we, kindly, ask also individuals to stay informed and follow the guidance of local health authorities.

We have made all necessary precautions to ensure your healthy and safe journey with us. Whenever you want to travel and enjoy freedom again inside your country or somewhere else in Europe, our local rental stations are waiting with open doors to serve you again.

Rental bookings in Europe and Russia

For traveler with existing individual reservations, we, kindly, ask you to contact directly our international sales office ( / +358 9 849 4050). 

Your safety and wellbeing is always our first priority

All operations in our local stations across Europe are unified with operational policy and safety procedures. According to our standard measures, we always pay special attention to cleaning contact surfaces of motorhomes and business premises to prevent the spread of seasonal diseases. Our motorhomes are maintained and cleaned by our own personnel to guarantee the best possible safety and hygiene. To fight against this fierce epidemic, we have started to conduct additional procedures such as extra deep cleaning measures in our motorhomes and rental stations, limiting physical contacts and taking special attention towards handwashing hygiene to minimize the risk of contamination.


To those who already want to plan and prepare their next holidays, we suggest to utilise our local inspirations provided on our web site and social media channels, in order to enjoy a convenient start for a safe holiday in Europe when this exceptional situation will gradually be passed. 


We want to wish you all the best!

Let’s fight against this global crisis together. And thank you in advance for putting your trust in Touring Cars as you plan for future travels.